A Coat Of Many Colors, And A Few Style Wishes

A coat of many colors. I don’t need much outerwear to be comfortable in Central Florida. I am wildly attracted to it though. Do you in the Great White North dream of breezy caftans all winter? 😊 This vibrant cotton coat is courtesy of Eva Trends, a company that works in natural fabrics and fits all ages and sizes. Check them out, you’ll like them.

A serious face but a cheerful outfit: a colorful coat, a llama tee and funky old boots.

I can belt the coat to make a different look, or let it drape open. And great pockets, yeah? I don’t need a purse when I wear this.

The coat has a solid lining, and a hood, and it’s fun to wear over everything. You can enjoy a 15% discount off your Eva Trends purchase with code PAT15.

Fashion wishes for the new year

I am not so interested in consuming stuff as I once was. My closet is actually shrinking, and it’s becoming more “only  things that I love.” I try to choose my clothing carefully, and make every purchase count. Here are just a couple of “thing-y” things I’m swooning over (you know, as opposed to the important stuff like health, love, Pinot Grigio, and inner/outer peace):

A pajama-style blouse. (OK this one just came in the mail today from ASOS, and I love it). I did try to find a cool one in the thrifts, but no luck. I’m inspired by my latest fashion crush, Lucinda Chambers.

This is my new blouse, I shall be badass too.

Animal print flats, with ultra-comfortable insoles. Most flats are no-go for me because they’re too, you know, flat. These might fit the bill, with all kinds of padding and cushions:

These have a tiny heel, too, and I like the almond shape toe.

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Do you have any style wishes for the new year? Keep joy in your heart, and stay fabulous, xo,

Here’s some cool pieces to browse:

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  1. That is a fabulous coat you are wearing. It is very distinctive and looks very upscale. I love natural fibers. I like your new pajama top as well. I don’t have one of those but that’s OK!

    • Thanks Elle. I prefer natural fibers too whenever I can. Thanks for coming over! xox

  2. I like the PJ look for actual pajamas. I do not like it as sports wear, although that top is tailored nicely. When you live in California and see people in their actual pj’s and slippers at the grocery and mall shops dressed that way it more than kind of turns one off to the pajama look. The coat is fantastic though.

    • Haha – I would not enjoy seeing actual pajamas out in public either! Especially my favorite flannels. Thanks for coming by, xox.

  3. I enjoyed your fashion wishes. I really like the pj top look, too. I’m going to have to give that some thought…

    • Hi Kim! I like the unexpected-ness of the pajama top, while still keeping it clean and classic. xox

    • Yes, you get some cool breezes! Thanks for the nice words, Becky and have a great weekend, xox.

  4. What an amazing coat! You look wonderful in it.
    I dream of string bikinis, crop tops and sandals – I hate the winter with a passion. It was so icy here today that it took me 20 minutes to open the front door as my fingers were stiff with the cold – bring on India! xxx

    • thanks Vix! You’ll be in India soon, yeah? You rock those crochet bikinis like a star. xox

  5. What a stunning coat, Patti! Even if our climate here is generally quite a bit colder than Florida’s, I still don’t dream of caftans in Winter ;-)) I actually love wearing coats! xxx

    • Thanks, Ann. I love where you live, and wouldn’t mind having to wear a sweater! Have a lovely evening, xox.

  6. What a fun coat!

    I’m dreaming of being able to wear any coat that doesn’t weigh an extra 8 lbs. I’m not a fan of winter.

    I’m like you, flats are worse than stilettos for me feet.

    Can’t wait to see how you style that PJ top.


    • There’s not much to love about (northern) winter, is there? Come on down, it’s in the 80’s today here, which is really not fun either, but easier to dress. Thanks for your comments and stay fabulous, xox.

  7. What a marvelous coat! And useful pockets which are generally neglected on women’s clothing. I detest purses and backpacks and a style with the “right” kind of pockets always gets my dollars.

    My style wish is for affordable, 1970s Danskin type capsule wardrobe pieces (midi wrap skirt, easy pants that come up to the waist and cover my ankles, body suits that don’t expose all my *ahem* charms and so on) that will be the canvas for all my fantastic jewelry, scarves, hats and belts.

    • I loooove your idea for a style “foundation”. Those knit wrap skits were the best! xox

  8. Your coat is wonderful. It reminds me of the Spanish brand Desigual.
    As for purchases, I really need some new shoes. So hard–I want something chic yet comfortable and I have wide feet (which usually means that when I finally find something chic and comfortable/practical, it doesn’t fit).

    • Yes it does resemble Desigual, good eye! Shoes are becoming more of a challenge, aren’t they? Thanks for coming by, xox.

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