I Am A Badass Blogger, But I Don’t Dress Like One

I think Bad-ass is a state of mind, not a clothing style. And in fact, I don’t think I ever dress bad-ass. Not like the iconic Patti Smith, e.g., who was born with it. So with my curly pale hair and ladylike silk scarf, my “Badass Blogger” tee (from Suzanne’s shop,) is tongue-in-cheek.

Inside me, however, lives a mighty bad-ass who will speak out when things are wrong. I’ve gotten more outspoken as I age. I like to defend and debate and I don’t curl up in a ball when criticized. So long as I am respectful, I don’t worry so much about others’ opinions of me. Do you have one of those women living in you too?


I couldn’t find a way to wear this scarf (sim) other than totally demure, so I wrapped it around my waist for a rather odd, but artistic, look. It’s a depiction of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” not very fierce but I love the design. I’m wearing an old knit maxi skirt (sim) and my favorite Calvin Klein oxfords (sim). It’s the Bad-ass uniform, yes?  : >


Is bad-ass a way you dress, or think, or just a character in the movies? (Daniel Craig plays James Bond as a BADASS, no argument please).

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Bad-Assery is a state of mind, but can be reflected in your choice of outfits too. I have things in my wardrobe that I wear when I want to be bad-ass inside and out! I think most women have a bit of bad-ass inside them, but some of us are more willing to let it out than others 😉 Nice use of the scarf as an overskirt!

    I agree with Mel that DC is looking way too “smoothed-over”. I would LOVE Idris Elba to be the next Bond.

  2. That scarf wrap is very very good. And Suzanne’s tee is exactly what it says. Yep. Badass is totally a state of mind. And you are a very good badass.

  3. You look just badass enough. Every woman should learn how to be a badass, it’s an essential survival skill. They (we?) should run workshops for young women on how to be a badass, it would make their lives so much easier. Me? I’ve always been a badass, never tried to hide it or apologise for it. I take after my grandma: she was a real badass lady.

  4. I always sense your bad-assery under that exterior, Patti. I looove this T-shirt by Suzanne – she makes the best graphic Ts! And I love your scarf too. Venus was probably bad ass for her times running around fully naked.
    As for Bond, I like DC as Bond but in his promo photos he seems to be wearing way more makeup than I do. That’s okay too but I don’t think DC’s Bond would bother with it. Just leave perfection alone.

  5. Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever unless Idris Elba is the next one, then I’ll be torn!
    Gorgeous skirt and fab curls, you look like a blonde version of Venus.
    Bas ass is a state of mind. Anyone can fake the dress, the proof is all in the attitude! xxx

    • I am hoping for Idris to be the next Bond. He’s already Luther and that’s pretty badass. xox

  6. If you haven’t seen Spectre yet – go. It is Daniel Craig’s best bond ever. I am a huge Bond fan and he is definitely bad ass. I think you look terrific. Love the scarf and Tee shirt. And as always from one curly girl to another-I love your hair!

    • Thanks Laura! I have seen Spectre and that’s one reason DC is haunting my daydreams : >

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