What Do You Wear To The Beach? (Whatever You Want)

I live on the beach, (lucky!) and yet I rarely go to the beach while the sun is up. (Having had one melanoma removed, I’m in “melanoma jail”, my dermatologist said). But if I want to go for a swim in the 82 degree water, I usually wear either 1) boy shorts or a bikini bottom, 2) a bikini top, and 3) most important, a long sleeved swim skin. And of course SPF 1000+, that works on the face of the sun.

Here are some of my beach pieces:

I’m proud of being 63 and in good shape. And I still choose not to show all my skin in public. Is that neurotic? Call it what you will, it’s how I roll with regard to swimwear. There are lots of cool options for women of any age who prefer not to go almost-bare.

And you can happily lounge around the pool/beach blanket in one of these cover-ups:

What’s your go-to beachwear?

Enjoy every day, wear what you want, and stay fabulous, xox,

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  1. You are solucky to live in the beach, even just to see, hear and smell the salt air. Your skincare routine is very rigorous and appropriate. Thanks for sharing these tips. I didn’t know SPF came in such a high number.
    Love the beachy tunic, cover up!

  2. Good choices. I had a mastectomy without reconstruction. I’m fine with being flat, but it is harder to find swimwear. I like a bikini bottom and a rashguard (check out Athleta). I was even so bold as to post a picture of me on my Pinterest page. If someone had said I would do that even 10 years ago, I’d have said they were nuts. Some women who go flat also go topless — aside from my backyard, I’m not there yet.

  3. Interesting post and I do like some of the items pictured. I’m old, so I surely don’t show much skin. But then, I never did. I burned so easily it’s just easier to cover up.

    • Same here, even when I was young I didn’t expose much. Stay safe in the sun, Iris, xo

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