Visible Out-Takes And A visible Monday Reminder

We’ve discussed how the pursuit of perfection robs us of joy. And sometimes, the presence of imperfection is pretty darn funny. Witness these out-takes from some would-be stylish photo shoots, and please tell me you have a stash of these on your hard drive too:

out-take messy hair

You know when the wind picks up right before the shutter clicks, right? Hair in face.

out-takes funny smile

When the camera catches you kind of between smile and smirk, and neither is appealing.

out-takes eyes closed

When you’re saying something incredibly witty to your photographer and closing your eyes for emphasis. Oh, and the trash bag is gloriously visible in the background.

Have a great, stylish weekend, enjoy all the out-takes life hands you, and see you at Visible Monday. xo

Reminder: Visible Monday starts Sunday around 5PM. You are invited to share your favorite outfit, accessory, hairstyle or lipstick of the week – anything that made you feel Visible. Be there for the best blogger party and the finest style on the webz!

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Stay fabulous,

Some pieces that are on my radar:

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  1. I love the quote above and believe it is the one of the keys to happiness! I think we look our best when we are in our imperfect states! These photos are perfect! Peace! Cheryl Tucker

  2. The amount of photos I have to go through to get some decent ones is going up every day I swear.

    I also close my eyes 90% of the time. I can’t wait for summer to come so I can fall back on wearing shades.


  3. Patti, you crack me up! Probably because I don’t consider these as outtakes – these look pretty fine to me! I’ve got some doozie outtake photos that will never see the light of day, unless of course I have already taken them out to the desktop trashcan. Heh. There is no perfection though, no matter how many photos I take of myself. It’s always easier to see it in others.

    • I would pay the big bucks to see your out-takes!! Or buy you a couple cocktails. xox

  4. thanks Jodie – we curly women never know what’s going to show up in the pic! xo

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