Visible Monday #79: Karina Dress-Love! And These Curtains Are Killing Me

Welcome to Visible Monday #79! The first one of 2013! If you want to
participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the
easy how-to.

I adore every Karina dress I own, for all the obvious reasons: made in the USA, gorgeous prints, wash and wear care, and not least, the company itself. Karina Dresses is the brainchild of the incomparable Karina Coisineau, one of the most delightful, creative, and hard-working women I’ve ever met. Just go over to their website right now, check out the dresses (some on sale!), and join their Facebook site too.

As soon as I set my sights on the Karina Josie dress, it was on my wish list. It’s got what I love with its deep scoop neck, three-quarter sleeves and easy, flowy shape. And how great is this print? (It may not be available now; the fabrics are in limited production, but there are gorgeous options).

I can wear this dress year-round in Florida. Here it’s got tights and boots for accompaniment, but will be perfect with sandals in a couple of months. I am dressed here for lunch at the in-laws, and felt chic and comfortable.

The curtains! Wow, I didn’t know how loud they were until I saw this pic. They actually look good as part of the living room/office, from a distance. Not the ideal backdrop for a print dress, eh? I still haven’t found a good picture spot in the new condo, so please forgive any eye-strain.

Hope you can see me against the look-at-me curtains!
These Gianni Bini boots are comfortable all day. Love that.

Use Code GIBP30 for $30 off any full-price Karina dress online!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. You stand out more than that look-at-me curtains. LOL! Love that dress on you and you are always looking so lovely and fresh. 🙂 Sorry, I miss this link up. Hope to make it next time. 🙂

    Adin B

  2. Love that pretty blue print on you, Patti, what a great colour! You outshine the curtains, never fear! xx

  3. The curtains are beautiful! And the print on your dress is great. Maybe not the best prints together, but both truly beautiful separately. Hope you're having a great Monday!

    -Mary @ Style That

  4. I have to say those are some groovy curtains, Patti.  I really like your dazzling blue dress.  I usually find their dresses too fitted for my tastes, but this one looks more comfy.  And are those pockets?  Love pockets.  Looks cool with those boots too. 

  5. LOL…well fortunately, your dress is a lovely popping blue, so I can see you!! love it.

  6. I love the print on the dress, kind of celestial? It fits you really well. I think your curtains are trying to steal the limelight! They will have a hard time trying though.

  7. So cute little dress!  You are looking all fresh and pretty for the New Year … and thanks again for hosting!

  8. Thank you for hosting Visible Monday.

    The new over 50 kid on the blog block 🙂

  9. Patti, your dress is very pretty.  You look quite radiant in these colours.  I will admit that combined with the curtains in the background, there is a bit of a seventies vibe, but that's not a bad thing.  AND, I'm not suggesting that the curtains look dated, it's just the combination of the two.  I think you are amazing to have been able to pull off selling, buying, and moving without dropping Visible Monday into the abyss, so if it takes a little time to find your photo taking spot in your home, that's all good!  Thanks for hosting Visible Monday.  You're a gem!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous print and you wear this Karina dress with style, Patti.  I also love the curtains, so thanks for giving us a peak at your new condo.

  11. What a great dress. I used to be addicted to several Canadian/Toronto dress brands that I can no longer get my hands on; they were similar to your fab dress as they featured chic but wearable designs and wonderful fabric and patterns. Am so checking out this link! xo

  12. Oh, I love those curtains! I don't think they're loud at all. (Then again, I am a big Desigual fan, eh?) The dress is totally fabulous, and you've styled it beautifully.

    Happy Visible Monday, Patti, and thank you!

  13. Happy new year to you and your loved ones, and to these gorgeous lady friends.

  14. Happy New Year Patti! I love the dress on you, blue is one of my favourite colours and the print is lovely! SPD

  15. The dress looks great on you never mind the loud curtains! I will join with you later today! Kisses Angie!

  16.  What a beautiful dress. Not only the pattern is gorgeous but also this bright blue goes so well together with your blonde hair. I understand why you love Karina dresses.

  17. Your choice of bracelet with that dress absolutely makes this outfit come alive! And I'm afraid you have a case of psychedelicosis brought on by pattern mixing your dress with the drapes (which I adore!). Beautiful, Patti.

  18. You look great and the curtains don't bother me at all lolzzzz!  I am loving the boots a lot and your tights– they are both looking so shiny!!  Plus, comfy!!  Nothing better!!!

  19. The curtains don't look bad with the dress. They've both got some black and an orangey color  I like the dress by itself as well.  Is it a different length than your other dresses?

  20. First, love the dress. The color is fabulous on you. Are your tights striped? If so, then excellent pattern mixing! If not, it is still fab.
    The curtains are lovely both in pattern and colors.

  21. It's a gorgeous dress and in my favourite colour!  The curtains are really nice!  Muich more interesting and visible than my boring cream ones!

  22. Hi, Patti,

    I like the curtains, but I thought they clashed horribly with the dress until I read Amber's comment and then looked again. Finding the circles in common, I was able to appreciate the two together. But I'm sure you looked even more fabulous away from the curtains!

    That blue is a great color for you!

  23. Happy New Year Patti 🙂 love your dress. Love your curtains. But not together. I had problem to see you on the pic. LOL.
    I wish you the very best for 2013.
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  24. You look gorgeous in that dress the color is exquisite on you
    Those curtains are fabulous!

    Ariane xxx

  25. Please don't receive this as a slight to your curtains…but the dress is so great that it doesn't compete with the curtains at all…that blue is a vibrant, stand out color!!  You look lovely, Patti!!

  26. I personally think it's a stupendous bit of pattern mixing – both prints have the circle-within-circle and that warm rusty brown happening. Well done! 

    Thank you, dear Patti, for another fantastic Visible Monday! 

  27. Patti you know I'm a bit of a pattern mixer so I say YAY to the curtains as background!! ;))

    But the dress is just gorgeous, and I always love how you dress up your skirts and dresses with some funky boots! Thanks for the link up as always… hope you've had a great weekend my sweet

    Catherine x

  28. Yep, those curtains clash with your dress, even I, crazy pattern maxer, agree with you! Maybe you'll subliminally coordinate your next few posts to the curtains until you find a more neutral backdrop. Your former peach station was never a problem – no matter what color you wore – so the issue is definitely the pattern in the curtains. Upside: you'll be able to figure out what outfit will coordinate smashingly with your decor for your housewarming party! Haha.

  29. The karina dresses are charming and look so comfy. I am putting it on my birthday wish list. I rather like the contrast of your op art curtains and the blue dress. Kind of Klimt-like!

  30. A Karina dress is on my Bucket List 🙂 Yours is beautiful, and perfectly styled with the black boots and tights.

    At least those curtains are perfect with your hair! lol

  31. Patti!  Those curtains are GORGEOUS!!!  Between, you, your dress and your curtains, you've definitely given us a lot of eye candy!  Happy New Year to you my friend!  Serene

  32. this dress is beautiful on you patti! the striking blue is soo your colour, i love it! and i think the curtains add a rather funky pattern clashing ambience to the post,heehee xx

  33. Those curtains are really cool!! Love the dress on you–perfect color in the print, the styling.
    A Karina dress is on my wishlist!!!

  34. Those are some nice curtains. 🙂 The colors on that dress make you glow Patti, it looks so nice with your skin tone. Love those boots of course! xo

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