Visible Monday #74: New York State of Mind

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I’m finding ways to wear my summery dresses in the cooler weather. This cute polka dot shift takes a turn under a black knit coat-dress by CAbi, thrifted for under $5. The dress has a nice smooth hand, and I can wear it over some skirts too. It doesn’t button all the way down, so it makes for a too-revealing stand-alone!

I think I was in a New York State of mind, because I stayed with nearly all black accessories: thrifted sparkle-belt, cable tights and Gianni Bini boots (consignment). Only my bright green bangle rescues me from black-and-white world.

I like the polka dot popping out as an accent here, rather than a main attraction.
Are square-toes boots out of style now? Oh well, they’re staying, I love ’em.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. And yet to still look gorgoues. I too love that polka dot and the bangle's color pops. 🙂

  2. Love, love, love! this outfit!
    I really need to keep the idea of layering dresses in mind. I also love the boots and I wouldn't care if they are "out".

  3. Square-toed boots are classic, is what they are. In any case, no need to concern oneself with "in" at all, what a relief! 🙂  

    I love the depth of pattern / texture added by your striped tights and excellent belt, and the green bangle is the perfect finishing touch. 

    Thanks for having us all over, Patti!

  4. Wow, you look tres chic in that ensemble Patti!  Love the tease of dots peaking through the layers.  Who knows about the toes?  The boots look great!

  5. i love the polka dots hiding under that great coat/sweater. and your belt give it all just the right amount of punch. you look gorgeous!

  6. oh i love the way you styled this
    the boots and belt give it that extra wow factor

  7. Oh-my-sparkle! LOVING the belt, Patti!!!! And I say keep the boots. They're hot! ~Sarah

  8. This outfit is why I really like this time of year.  Love it all, but especially the pop of green.  And the polka dots seem so fresh.  Hope you had a good holiday, and thanks again for hosting!

  9. I love the NYC state o' mind. So excited that we are going again next month, and I hope I look half as sexy as you do in this photo, when we go to the theater 🙂

  10. Love this outfit on you, Patti! So fun and cozy looking. 😉
    And I'm not sure that anything is actually 'out' in today's fashion. It seems like as long you wear it with confidence, anything goes. 😉 

  11. You always manage to turn out so stylish and elegant no matter what you wear! I love your combination of polka dots with sparkly belt and the knitted cardigan. And you can just consider yourself a first mover on the square toe boots – the rest of the world will follow you soon!

  12. In? Out? Shake it all about, who cares?! The boots are great, and layering up that pretty polka dot dress is perfect for colder weather. You look gorgeous, and the hair is rocking, Patti! xxxx

  13. No square toe boots are not out. Almost all halter/harness boots are square toe and they are definitely in. Your boots look fab with your outft and I love it top to bottom.

  14. Square toes are awesome, whether they're on-trend or not (and frankly, I have no idea) and you look tremendously elegant today! Me, I just look extremely visible. 🙂

  15. Didn't someone once say, no one can make us feel that square-toed boots (or, insert other favorites here) are out without our permission? lol 🙂

    I know you said you like a little more length but you look amazing with that hair, Patti – wowzah!

  16. I think this just maybe one of my favorite looks from you!  So lovely in black & polka dots!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  17. I love the boots. Also the touch of green is great.
    Glad to see you made it through and out the other side of the move : )BisousSuzanne

  18. So glad to join you another week.
    Looking glorious, dear Patti.

  19. so a good idea to wear a dress under a dress, perfect layering! i love your high boots and the pattern tights as well. you look fantastic! 

  20. I love the polka dots under the fab find sweater. If I could wear boots like that, I'd wear them until they fell apart!

  21. Thank you for this weeks's VM Patti, we all need an injection of fun every Monday!  I absolutely do not have enough spotty clothes in my wardrobe … your frock layering has perked me up no end:)

  22. I say those polka dots add just the right amount of sass to you outfit!  Very cute.  I hope everyone is settling in well in the new digs.

  23. I love finding ways to wear summer dresses throughout winter.  Love this outfit!

  24. I really like your layered dresses! I'll be linking up to Visible Monday tomorrow morning.

  25. I love that you're wearing a black-and-white dress, too! Yours looks great with the long "jacket." And the boots look good no matter what kind of toe!

  26. Hi Patti!  As much as I love your outfit, I was struck by your lovely expression in the first photo- so sweet!!  I adore your boots and am totally embracing boots of all toe-persuasions.  Yours are great.  Also, how can you go wrong with NY as your inspiration?

  27. Love the CAbi cardigan – aren't they wonderful quality? I like the polka dots as accent with this outfit. 

    Who cares if square-toed boots/shoes are in or out? Wear 'em if you love 'em!

  28. You do look very New York in this outfit…I love it!  Really a great look for you Patti…hope the new home is taking shape!!

  29. This is a GREAT outfit Patti! Love the polka dot pops and I love my square-toed boots that I bought second hand last summer. 🙂

  30. I love this look on you!  The knit dress worn as a sweater coat is incredibly clever   If square toed boots are out, I am snubbing my nose at that because my red boots are square toed and I am not giving those baby's up!  

  31. Patti this is one of my favorite outfits of yours!  What a brilliant way to take alight weight dress into the fall. You look absolutely beautiful… I especially enjoy the little whimsy of your green bangle.  Wardrobe styling kudos to you!

  32. Hi Patti!

    Your move went ok? love that look it is simple but so chic and comfortable
    Love the polka dots- I am in love with your hair, so good on you!

    Ariane xxxx

  33. I think this outfit is really cute!! what a great way to layer the two dresses!!
    Who cares if square toe boots are "out"??? They are some awesome boots!!

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