Visible Monday #138: How To Wear All-Black And Make It Fun

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Head to toe black can be chic, and can also be severe for fair-skinned women. I wear a lot of black, but usually break it up with another neutral or denim. Today I went for the full effect.

The GAP top (consignment, similar) has a sheer layer of cotton over a black base – it looks like the base is white, but that’s just the flash photo. It’s airy and has nice feminine details.

The skirt is a true oldie, an Old Navy tulle skirt (similar) I found on eBay long ago. I just can’t quit it. The peace sign silk scarf is thrifted and the black flats are via ThredUp, an online consignment store. Check them out, they have some great deals.

Pearl and chain necklace from Molly Mutt Thrift. The whole look comes in under $25. Leftover $$$ for coffee/wine.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. This outfit looks great with your hairstyle – sort of a flapper look. Very cool! There is something about wearing all black that just feels so solid.

  2. Patti thanks for hosting thought I was tooo late but it is still open pfew:) Love your dress its very Ballerina like and you look lovely in it. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  3. Hello Patti,

    We love your all black look. It certainly brings out the style maven in one and can easily dress up or down with all manner of accessories.

    We are rarely to be found not wearing black. Teamed with white, it may be old hat but it suits us and has a timeless feel to it. One can then throw on a scarf of many colours…..or what one will!

    We have found your fun blog through the circuitous route of Curtise and Melanie and Vogoff. We feel that we have been through Wonderland and back to find you! We are now followers and hope not to be lost again!

  4. Yes, it is … completely fun, with your unavoidable classiness and charm. Really a summery combination, too. I don't wear my tulle often enough. Good reminder, and fun to see such an elegant photo of you in a fabulous look.
    Thank you again for hosting, reading, commenting, and showing us all how to do it right!

  5. I have always loved all black and always will! I would love to add a great tulle skirt to my wardrobe. It's so fun on you! Thank you for hosting another great Visible Monday! XO

  6. Patti in tulle – not to be missed! You have created a beautiful silhouette. I could never quit all-black. I go back to it time and again.

  7. I am all in red, well mostly, like you are all in black. Actually I'm all in black as I type! I find I can go there now spring has sprung here. I find all black in winter too depressing. Your all black is so delicate it takes the hard edge off, and of course your lovely face and soft hairstyle does that too πŸ™‚ xo JJ

  8. You look so great in layers. You are long and lean so you can carry the look off. Thanks for hosting the link exchange!

  9. You definitely kept your Blacks fun. Your skirt is lovely. The combination of chiffon and tulle is great. Pretty and feminine monochromatic look, for sure.

    Happy Visible Monday, Patti!

  10. Love your new hair patti, you look soooooooooo chic in black
    Thank you for this chance to join friends

  11. You look lovely, black suits blondes so much better than it does us raven-haired chicks. The skirt is pretty. x

  12. Love the all black on you. The tulle skirt is so fun, and the scarf belt is perfect. Thanks so much for hosting the link up!

  13. I love an all black ensemble, I think it is always classy and chic. It is also easy, if we are in a crunch on what to wear, the safest and quickest is to do all black. For traveling on business (years ago), I always gravitate towards this. Nowadays, I yearn for color and if I find myself trying to reach for some black, I stop myself.

    I like that you added the peace scarf in your look, it makes it more fun and more modern. Thank you for hosting and I'm so glad I made it to your link-up!

  14. oh Patti, you look like a sweet little flapper, what with your hair and all. Just so cool and delightful.

  15. What a great look, love the peep of the white pattern. This is such a great idea, thanks for hosting!

  16. No argument from me on wearing all black πŸ™‚ I think it looks stunning on you. The black contrasts beautifully with your fair hair and skin and the balance of skin to black clothing is just perfect.

  17. I've always loved that tulle skirt and I'm a big fan of all black. I've actually been pulling all my black clothes to the front of the closet lately!!

  18. Woo! I was so visible all weekend – I was completely inspired by you, Patti! I did Summer Punk for one of my looks.

    You look lovely in black, very ethereal. I am feeling the return of black for me (although never too far from colour!).

  19. 'Tis true I think…all black can be problematic for the fair skinned. I've almost zero black in my wardrobe, but I cannot quit my Hugo Boss wool crepe wide legged pants that I ALWAYS wear with an all-black lacy tee! I love the look! AND! I think you are rockin' the look as well! And under $25.00?!!! Score!

  20. All black usually scares me as you probably know, Patti – but you pull it of beautifully with the lovely textures and the gorgeous silhouette! As stylish as always πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting VM, have a great week!

    Catherine x

  21. I love black and I love fun and I love how you put it all together Patti :). Have a great week!

  22. As a fellow lover of black, this oh so feminine outfit is perfect. Your tulle skirt just so right, no wonder you will never part with it.Black for me is never boring,its how its put together, oh and a bright lipstick.

  23. Black used to be my signature color until I started blogging and couldn't for the life of me photograph it so the finer details show through. You did a great job capturing the floatiness of the skirt and top here, though. Love!

  24. You could be the next Black Swan in this ensemble…just add some massive eye makeup, a tiara, a sexy over-demanding dance instructor and a big dash of psychosis and you're ready ; )


  25. Of course, I can never get enough of black! Thanks for hosting again Patti! We all appreciate you! Hope everyone will enter to win my $1000 shopping spree!

  26. Patti … love the way you have styled this full black ensemble. The flowing texture of the skirt is brilliant and the accent peace sign scarf as a belt adds an unexpected touch – personalizing the look. Thank you for hosting …now that I'm back to blogging hoping to join the party more often… Hugs, Celia M. – HHL

  27. Wonderful look Patti, black is truly timeless, you look very elegant, great vintage feel! Hugs xxx

  28. I'm one of those pale people who shy away from black… it makes me look older, tired, washed out… unless it's a sexy dress showing some skin. A red lippy also helps. Your dress looks great, too, with some skin showing and the well-defined lips. Thanks for hosting this fantastic linkup!

  29. Patti, what a wonderful take on all black. I've always thought of wearing all black a bit difficult due to my size as well, but now you've given me a new view (which I will definitely be trying). I also love how it's also hot weather appropriate as well as quite fun. Well done, cute lady.

  30. Geez, I thought I'd be the first one here today but no way. I've got to up my game.
    I like your full-effect black, Patti, especially with the peace-sign scarf. I am wearing a tulle skirt today as well. Great minds and all that…

  31. Oh Patti, you look like a beautiful; elegant dancer, as though you about to pop yourself up en pointe any moment and spin around! The lightness of the sheer fabric and the tulle lift the whole outfit so wonderfully, that's very clever. Gorgeous as always. xxxx

  32. I love this black look, it's very chic and so flattering on you, Patti ! Black is always a great option and the scarf belt is a great add on ! Joined on the link up of course, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  33. I think all black is tough to pull off for curvier women as well. You're right in that it can be too severe but it can also look sloppy if it doesn't fit perfectly. But you look positively ethereal in your flowy black layers, and you can't beat the price!


  34. i am loving black ensembles lately. This is beautiful with all the flowy layers. and the scarf belt is so fun! what a great addition to the outfit! Thanks so much for hosting such a fabulous linkup!XX

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