Visible Monday #118: Lace Any Day

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This is a date-night look, but I could do it for work if I keep a blazer on. I love lace, even though I am of A Certain Age. This lace top was a thrift find (under $8) in St. Petersburg, and on the same visit I picked up my Fossil key necklace (similar here). Good shopping day!

The trousers are my ever-ready knit pegged pants from ASOS. The tank is from Old Navy, on one of their “it’s so cheap you can’t leave it behind” sales days. I like the bright color it adds to the outfit, without being overpowering.

I adore my wooden “snake” bracelet from Bella’s Etsy shop. And my thrifted suede dance shoes!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting once again! I see you got Spy-Girled!! Congratulations, but no surprise, you look so fresh and lovely.

  2. Great look!!! I love lace and I wear it for work everytime I can, I don't care about age. Besides some time ago I used to think that lace was just worn by the old aunts…. lol


  3. Love the lace on you Patti, very pretty and feminine. Thx for hosting the party.

  4. You always look so elegant Patti! I wish I could be wearing sandals too – I find myself wishing I was going to Florida for Christmas again this year!!!

  5. I think lace can be worn tastefully at any age. I really like the top and you have the option to layer a variety of colours underneath should you wish to do so. It is very elegant and modern. And thanks once more for hosting Visible Monday. I can barely keep up with all these fab bloggers:)

  6. Aww, pretty Patti in a pretty lace blouse! Love the blue with it … you're doing a lot of blue lately, yes? So glad to be here … thank you for hosting, as always. It is such a great service that you do for all of us. Nice of you!

  7. I love how you wore the lace top. I have stayed clear of the lace and sheer tops because I wasn't sure how to style them. The pop of color underneath is fabulous!

  8. Hooray for lace! (I especially love it how you're wearing it, in an overlay.) I avoided it for years, thinking it wasn't me, and anyway, I was getting a little long in the tooth for it, but then I remembered I'm old enough to not care about that kind of rubbish. πŸ˜‰

    You are looking as lovely and chic as usual!

  9. Patti, I love lace too, even at that certain age. I think lace is one timeless piece of material and clothing item. The way you took lace on the date was quite fun, I love the casual look you gave it, especially paired with the blue next to your eyes.

  10. No way, that top was thrifted?!?!! It's so nice! It's exactly the same material/texture as a really nice Johanna Hehir shrug I contemplated for my wedding! I don't wear lace much either, usually because I don't like the feel of it, so it has to be very soft or it itches me!! I was a nightmare as a child, always complaining about things itching!!!xx

  11. Love the shoes, which look like they have a 1940s vibe. Again, a simple, yet elegant look that you're a pro at.

  12. Hello Patti- am I late to the party? I SEE all the best sorts have arrived, and looking fabulous! I love your lace top- and envy the fact you get to wear it comfortably (and quite chic-ly) in December. Muah!

  13. I love the pop of color peeking out from the lace!! I could wear lace like this!!
    So–if you're a certain age you can't wear lace?? Who makes up these rules??

  14. Hi Patti!

    Tks for your warm wishes for my engagement – Yes getting married at my age not exactly the same as when i got married the first time at 19!
    Lovely outfit again, lace becomes you, why would you wear a jacket over it?

    You have so many fab Ladies at Visible Monday!

  15. Such a pretty lacy top, Patti! Thanks for doing your awesome Hop this week.

  16. That is a really lovely look, Patti – the blue coming through the lace is so pretty!

    Thanks as always for hosting – and for my gorgeous necklace too! xxxx

  17. This lace top is perfect with the blue underneath. And I love the length of your pants!! Great date night outfit.

  18. You look gorgeous in your lace! I didn't know there was an age restriction on wearing it! What age are you supposed to be to wear it? A new born baby or a dowager duchess? xxx

  19. Lace is such an elegant option any day!! Love how you did the peek-a-blue part πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting the link up.. πŸ™‚

  20. Beautiful White Lace Top. I hope you had a great Holiday.

    I am totally visible today in my Hot Pink Blazer. =)

  21. I love and WANT your gorgeous lace top, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you for hosting this friends meeting place.
    Love and sunshine, dear patti

  22. The lace top over the brightly colored tank top is lovely. I think lace can be worn at any age and you make it shine in this photo.

    Today I'm grateful for Visible Monday and all that you do for the blogging community.

  23. It's not often you find lace in a beautiful large floral pattern like that. I agree the blue underneath is so pretty.

    Thanks for being such a gracious host : )


  24. Loving the pop of blue under that gorgeous (and wow! what a score) top! great look . xo C. (HHL)

  25. I love this lace! It's got a great floral pattern and looks great layered.

  26. Oh, I love the shoes! I would love to get some dance shoes – they must be comfortable, and they look feminine and retro at the same time. I also love the blue color under your lace top – great way to layer. You're looking lovely as always, Patti!

  27. I never thought of lace as being for the young…maybe I'm just unaware of shoulds and should-nots these days! Your top is really beautiful…and I love the sandals, as well!!!

  28. Beautiful Patti! I'm already wearing coats in full swing, so nice to see you in short sleeves! I like the touch of blue under the lace.

    blue hue wonderland

  29. I'm feeling a lot of love in the room today … Visible Monday AND Sacramento's Blogger's in Style all in one today! xoxo

  30. I like that hint of blue underneath too. I didn't realize that lace is a tricky fabric. I don't have a lace top but I have a great lace tablecloth that needs a makeover. You've inspired me. Your look here is beautiful. I think you're aging in reverse.

  31. I see cobalt! Get your bit of blue self on over to 52 Pick-me-up: Blues so I can put you on the Digital Catwalk (hint, hint).
    We all agree — Lovely in Lace.

  32. Patti you look absolutely radiant!! I think it may the white and blue working so well with your skin tone and hair… I so want a lace top now to wear over the many coloured tanks I have!

    Hope you've had a fab weekend my lovely πŸ™‚

    Catherine x

  33. Lace is sexy, delicate, refined, flexible, and fun. I think it is women of a Certain Age that wear it best, and you are an example. Looking like your classy self, and so cool and breezy. We've had a mild fall here as well, and I am loving the sunshine. πŸ˜€

  34. I am talking about lace tops in one of my next posts. our lovely top will certainly look great for the office paired with a blazer.

    Thank you for all the work you do for us, Patti!

    Annette | Lady of Style
    2 days left for my glamorous pearl bracelet givaway

  35. I know what you mean about the lace, but this lace is COOL because, IMHO, it is a large pattern and looks so much more modern. Love this look, GF!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! xoxo

  36. Wearing lace this way is not aging at all! Love the shade of blue underneath!

  37. I don't care what "age" you are, that lace top is perfect on you, especially with that pop of blue underneath. Good taste is ageless, Patti! πŸ˜‰


  38. You look great and I love this lace with the blue underneath!! I'm not sure which color, but it really brings out your skin color and looks amazing πŸ™‚

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