Thrifting Day, No Trivial Matter

Today was a “free” day in New York, with no big plans. So I made some. I planned to visit my favorite thrift stores until my feet gave out, then spend the evening with Sandy playing Trivia at Dempsey’s Pub.

The shopping was good! I’ll have some pictures to post later, but my favorite find was a floral cotton skirt by Ralph Lauren, with tags, for $10. I also bought a big honkin’ silk flower to wear on my birthday, just to amp up the fun factor.

Here I am outside one of my favorite thrifts, The Cure in the East Village. Lovely clothing and wonderful people there. I’m wearing my Trivia team’s shirt – we’re the Rodents of Unusual Size. So, not too trendy today, but loving every minute of it. ☺

My male companion is the strong, silent type.

Hope you are all well and staying fabulous,

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  1. Loving sharing your trip with you, Patti! How hot do you look in those jeans? Very! x

  2. Hurrah! On my fiance's computer so I can leave a comment! Sounds great fun and the Ralph Lauren skirt sounds an amazing bargain!x

  3. Rodents of an unsual size–LOVE it!!
    I can't wait to you show us your scores!!

  4. So, I guess I need to check this little hot spot out when I go!

  5. Must be thriftining fever. Went thrifting this weekend. 50% off. At one shop, I bought 4 striped shirts, one cotton top, faux jeans- whopping $6.50. Holiday sale same shop different day bought a bag full of items for $11. In fact, I'm sporting a lovely petite skirt (so hard to find petite at a reasonable price), lovely floral/dotted print, blues, brown and white- $1. 🙂


  6. So that's not Sandy then….
    You sound as though you are having the perfect trip – lovely weather, sights, wandering, thrift shopping, exploring, pubs, Trivia, how delightful! And you look gorgeous, Patti, as you always do. xxxx

  7. Ahhh so good. I'm so envious of your NYC thrifting adventure, enjoy every minute!

  8. ROUS?? Wonderful! As you know I'm a fan (Inigo Montoya the cat, and Vizzini the monster kitty). I love trivia.

    Ooh, a day of thrifting – I can't wait to see what you found, Patti!

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