The Best Summer “Uniforms” At Any Age

The best summer uniforms, at any age. While I can’t call myself a bona fide minimalist (I have over 60 pieces of clothing, not counting shoes, who counts shoes?), I enjoy the concept of uniform dressing.

I’m not referring to actual uniforms like a judge, a lab technician, or a nun would wear on the daily. But a loosely-defined set of clothing that works on most any day or occasion, and feels authentic. They are the darlings I reach for to be sure that I’m confident, comfortable, and covered. 😊

The U.S. astronaut uniforms are super cool. This is Christina Koch, who broke records by spending 11 months in space.

And having a uniform of sorts doesn’t mean that we never change our style, of course we do. I for one will not be found in stiff, corporate suits, nude hose (argh) and pumps again. The uniform for that chapter of my life has been retired. Ditto the slinky sequin disco jumpsuit, dammit.

With my current summer uniforms, I can do everything I need to do (read, bike, sing, nap, sweep the floor, and drink Tequila). They express my easy, feminine style. By summer’s end I may be praying for the end of time, but this is what I am loving right now.

Here are my current three favorite summer uniforms:

Cropped jeans and a swingy tee or tank. Cropped jeans are my current jam – your jean of choice might be straight-leg, skinny, or wide. I like jeans and skirts more than shorts; if you love them, rock them. Readers over 50: do you bare your arms? I do, because it’s hot and there’s nothing shameful about arms that have lived a few years. Try a swingy tee or tank that flows away from the body.

These are my favorite jeans, cropped, and with a little distress.
This lovely blogger is wearing a summer uniform I could enjoy any day.

Cotton or linen skirt and fitted tee. The skirt can be a summer neutral, like ivory, khaki, or navy – or a riotous print. I like the fullness on the bottom and the fitted portion on the top. This is a silhouette I love. I don’t show my midriff, heh. A vibrant print skirt like the middle one here is surprisingly versatile.

Easy sleeveless dresses. In solids or subtle prints, at least knee-covering, and easy to care for. I love a midi length knit dress in neutrals, with pockets and modern lines. A lightweight blazer or cardigan is worth taking with you.

A cotton overall-style dress by And Other Stories, thrifted.
This is a great summer dress – you can layer under it or over it. I like the knee-covering length, and the nice price.

Do you have a range of looks that are “you,” and do you feel uncomfortable when you move outside of your lane? Or are you a true chameleon, happy to change looks as the mood arises, and comfortable in many styles? No wrong answers of course, I love to hear your views.

Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these goodies:

Header image of awesome Carolina Herrera via source.

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  1. As for me, I do like simplicity, and white with black is the best combination that looks cool on every woman no matter what is her age.

  2. Love all these ‘uniforms’- and especially the ones with tight tees! Please come link up this fun post over at my blog for my Friday link up- Thanks!

    • Hi Lucy and thanks for coming over. Your post is beautiful and inspirational today. xo

  3. I love your ‘summer uniforms’ and your fab style, comfy, cool and elegant!. Love these flowy skirts and love your sleeveless dress.
    I’m a huge fan of light viscose knit dresses, they’re unwrinkable and totally comfy in the heat!. I also love cropped trousers!

    • Oh yeah, un-wrinklable is very important in our warm climates, Sra! Thank you for coming over and for your kind thoughts, stay safe, xo.

  4. The middle skirt is my favorite…everything about it reflects summer and happiness. Wish I was slim enough to wear the outfit.

    • Hi Kate and thanks for coming by! That is indeed a happy skirt, I like it too. xo

  5. Where can I get Jeans that are like those? The cropped wide leg ones? Thanks.

    • Hi Louise! The ones I’m wearing are Amazon’s house brand, Daily Ritual. I don’t know where the lovely blogger got hers : > Have a great day, xo.

  6. My winter uniform – turtlenecks and cords, spring/autumn – camo’s/jeans and lighter weight knits, summer – shorts and cute tops! Lise

    • Sounds like a winning uniform, Lise. Thanks for coming over and have a great day! xo

    • Good morning Lori! Thanks for the kind thoughts, and I hope you enjoy the dress, xo.

  7. My “uniform” is a blouse over slacks or jeans, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Woolens, silks, and heavy cottons are for the three months of the year it is cold enough to wear them, where I live. Otherwise, it’s an all-cotton and all-linen festival, all the time.

    I try to find interesting fabric choices in classic shapes. If you buy colors that flatter you, most usually they will all coordinate with at least one other item in your closet. I tend to favor matching tops and bottoms for work; then play “recombinant wardrobe” for weekends.

    The sun is not my friend. I also have flappy old-woman upper arms … so long sleeves are my favorites.

    • Hello LinB and thanks for coming by! It sounds like you’ve honed your style nicely. I agree about recombining your pieces for work vs. weekend. Stay safe, xo.

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