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Two of my awesome friends, Melanie of Bag And A Beret, and Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style, both of whom I’ve shopped with, have been urging me to try new and unexpected fashion. To step outside my style box. About 80% of what I wear falls into: jeans, graphic tees, full skirts, loose dresses, and comfy shoes. The comfortable shoes are not open for discussion.

With my style muses in mind, I recently bought a few new-to-me kind of pieces that I’ll show you later. One of them is a structural cropped jumpsuit with a super-deep back, kind of like this:

Mine is boxier, and has a really deep back vee. This one is more traditional, but still has a fresh hemline.

The awesome women of Visible Monday also show how to step outside the box, in our weekly linkup. They may be dressing in their own signature style, but it’s all new to me, and inspires me to color outside the lines. Among them:

Pao of Project Minima creates nearly all her own clothing, as is true with this two-piece challis outfit. She combines and alters sewing patterns to make a look that’s authentic for her. Style tip: (even if you don’t sew) why not try a two-piece flowy outfit for an evening out?


The border print challis makes a cool look.

Joi of In My Joi combines a striped and ruffled one-shoulder blouse from her closet with a ruffle-front poplin skirt. Ruffles with ruffles, I love it. And hello, fab sunglasses. Style tip: mix ruffles with ruffles, stripes with stripes and take a style chance.


Poplin skirt and striped one shoulder blouse.

Practicing what she preaches, that same Suzanne models a piece from her vintage shop, a 70’s caftan with the most captivating design: horses on the move. Perfect with leopard heels and an ivory pendant. Style tip: Try a pattern you’ve never worn (or maybe even seen) before.


The one-of-a-kind hand-tailored 1970’s caftan is available in Suzanne’s shop here.


I’d love to know how you like to step outside the style box. Enjoy every day, and stay fabulous, xox,


Reminder: Visible Monday starts Sunday around 5PM. You are invited to share your favorite outfit, accessory, hairstyle or lipstick of the week – anything that made you feel Visible. Be there for the best blogger party and the finest style on the webz!

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Some fab pieces to browse through:

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  1. It took me decades to find my style box. Actually, I always knew but for years I didn’t have the confidence to be myself and wear something that other people might consider odd or “too girly”. So I have no interest in stepping outside my box but it is a pretty large box.

    I like that ivory ruffled skirt in the last group of pictures.

  2. I really like jumpsuits, but don’t find very many that fit me. I’m excited to see a photo of you wearing yours. Melanie and Suzanne are excellent inspirations to step out of your style comfort zone.

  3. Fabulous choices! Each woman looks chic in her own way!
    It’s been a while since I wore a jumpsuit – but I do love them and have a small collection. I love trying new things, and to be honest, I try not to get into any box at all, style of life – I feel suffocated in boxes…
    I’m looking forward to your new outfit, Patti – I just know it will be gorgeous and cool in a sophisticated modern way – you do it so well!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Well said – it’s best to live in NO boxes. You have a wonderful personal style that expresses your spirit, xox.

  4. All three of the ladies featured here are inspirational for stepping outside my fashion routines. The colors, the shapes, and the confidence they carry make me want to try it all!

    I can’t wait to see your jumpsuit, Patti! Jumpsuits have been a particular flame to my fashion moth lately. I’m in the process of sewing a jumpsuit but it’s still too early to know how it’s going to turn out. Fingers crossed!


    • That’s so great that you’re creating your own jumpsuit! And likewise, I can’t wait to see it. xox

  5. I’m excited to see what you bought Patti! : P .

    I can’t believe how tiny Pao has gotten!

    My favourite tip for trying something outside my comfort zone is thrifting. One can find the wildest things. It always ignites my creativity and spurs me on to try something new.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    • Thanks Suzanne. Yes to thrifting for experiments (with low risk). And so much fun too. xox

  6. I’m so long waisted jumpsuits are hard for me… That one is super cute. I try on lots of dif styles. Just try it on!!!!

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