Scenes From A Tiny Studio: Visible Monday

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Scenes from a tiny studio. Our apartment in Greenwich Village is charming, but so small, there was a squirrel living here – alone – before we moved in. The squirrel needed more space. 😊

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We love to be here though because, well, NYC is right outside. This visit, I can tell you that on the fashion front, big puffer coats are IN. Beanie hats with pom-poms and every kind of athletic-looking boot, that’s all I see.

As you can see, the studio is lightly furnished! We’re looking for art that moooooves us. You do that too, right?

When it’s cold out, bring on the layers. I’m wearing a black tee as my base layer, then this heavy grey wool sweater by Vince, thrifted in the city. The tulle skirt, also thrifted, is heavily lined, so it’s a good piece for the cold, too.

And I have to show off my faux leopard pull-through scarf, from J. Crew Factory. It’s the bomb at keeping your neck cozy. The Aldo boots are about ten years old, re-soled several times. I can’t quit them.

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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  1. You have the best of both worlds, with your little nest in NYC and your home in Florida. I have always said if I won the lottery I would buy a little place in New York so I could spend several months there each year.

  2. When I was a kid, I dreamed of living in a loft in NYC. I just thought it’d be so cool.

    We’re like y’all, we buy pieces that move us. We shop and look around with nothing in mind, but when we see it, we know it.

    That outfit is super cute and looks incredibly cozy.

    • I had the same dream! And I agree: when we see it, we know it. : > Thanks for linking up! xox

  3. What a lovely studio, Patti! Love the chairs and carpet, and yes – art that moves you!
    You look cozy in your fur stole, and I agree about favorite shoes – so hard to quit!
    Warmest wishes!

    • thank you dear Natalia. And you’re looking fab in your new red beret and stunning moto jacket! xox

    • Thanks, Janise and thank you for linking up. I love your holiday outfits, and those smart red heels! xox

  4. You’ve really got the best of both worlds living in Florida and having a bolt hole in NYC. Weatherwise, it must be quite a contrast, too. Love your layered outfit and I’m swooning over that faux leopard scarf! In hear you on the boots, I’ve got a pair (ok, several pairs!) I can’t seem to quit either. But that’s a good thing, surely, in this throwaway society? xxx

    • Thanks so much, Ann. It is rather the best of both worlds, isn’t it – lucky girl! I loved your post today, and esp the great paisley blouse with checked skirt, very groovy. xox

  5. You should’ve let the squirrel stay with you. He could take care of the place when you’re not there…just sayin’. Beautifully layered my friend, love the tulle skirt of course. I just got my first puffer coat (which I’m actually wearing on the blog today) and I love it.

    • Haha! Thanks for the kind words, and for linking up, Debbie! Your post about how we spend our time is an eye-opener, and your down coat is all that! xox

  6. A studio in Greenwich Village – just wow! Also I envy your cold weather. It’s bit grey and damp here in the UK with more rain expected but it’s not cold which I’d like it to be.

    I love your look in the pics.

    • Thanks Elle, and yes I can make my own art – thanks for the tip! I adore your festive shoes, esp the pearls. xox

  7. One of my favorite apartments ever was a studio on Horatio Street in the West Village. I joke that I’d still be living there today if my ex hadn’t pressured me to move in with him! I love that you have a place in the Village, and hope you’re making it a cozy home!
    Cheryl Shops |

    • We almost bought a studio on Horatio Street – it’s a classic Village street! Thanks for linking up, and I love your selection of gifts for ourselves, xox.

    • Thank you Jessica! I hope your pre-Christmas week is happy, and I loved your post about working out from home – that’s my practice too. xox

    • thank you dear Emma. I swooned for your cozy Christmas on the sofa with a big blanket, and thick book! xox

  8. Lovely to catch a glimpse of your NYC pad even if it is squirrel sized!
    It sounds like the people of New York dress exactly the same as everyone else on the planet – I’m regarded as the town freak not owning a grey/black Puffa coat, bobble hat and sporty shoes and long may that last. G;ad to see that you’re not conforming either, your skirt is adorable. xxx

    • Thank you Vix. Yes, we’re avoiding the “uniform” so we don’t blend into the wallpaper! Love your dress, bag and fabulous beret, xox.

    • I enjoyed your post about your country visit, and your cap is just perfect! thanks for linking, xox.

    • Thanks, Nancy and have a wonderful week ahead. I love your pleated skirt and cool crochet scarf! xox

    • Thanks Maria, and thanks for linking up. Your post about supplements for skin care is so interesting! xox

  9. The temperature must be quite a change in NYC but you look great in stylish layers. The apartment looks very cool – I can tell just from those chairs and the rug/carpet!

    • Thanks, Gail and happy week-before-Christmas! Love your informative post about Zircon, xox.

  10. You are wearing Winter well for a Florida girl. Your New York place looks very cosy and comfy, sure those artworks will happen. Enjoy your time in New York . Many thanks for hosting Visible Monday.

    • Thanks Jill, and thank you for linking up. Your bright coat in today’s post is a stunner! xox

  11. Love the boots. Totally worth resoling. I just did several leather pairs last year. Love the scarf–looks so warm. I agree about art that moves you.

  12. You’re a pro at cold-weather dressing, Patti! I love these layers, and I think it’s great that you’ve taken something as lightweight as tulle and made it a sturdy winter piece. I hope these boots never stop being resoled. From what I can see, this gorgeous little squirrel pad looks inviting and cozy.

  13. I LOVE how you’ve decorated your flat! Did you find all those pieces thrifting? You did an amazing job!

    Layers are where it’s at for winter. At least it wasn’t that cold when you were in NYC : )
    Ha! I know it was very cold compared to what you’re used to. Anything above zero here is downright balmy for this time of year.


    • Thanks Suzanne! We have a mix of consignment and some new stuff; all the kitchen stuff is thrifted.
      Yes, I am a delicate flower after decades in the South – I bundle up at 60 degrees : > xox

    • Hi Jodie! Loved your post about the “custom” shampoo, and I need to order some. Our hairs are similar. : > xox

    • Thank you Laurie, and thanks for linking up! I really enjoyed your post about “repeat” beauty products. xox

  14. Another cool outfit! You look elegant and hip.

    There is no place like the big cities on the East coast. It took me almost 40 years to move back East again, but I finally made it and there is no place like home. Enjoy NY, even if it’s raining instead of snowing.

    Loved hearing and seeing you on Margaret’s ’60 and Me’ today.

    • Ah, thank you for watching Margaret’s interviews, Cee! We did get some snow flurries this past week in NYC. Have a fabulous week ahead, xox.

  15. I didn’t realize you had a place in the Village. Eeeek, how exciting! No wonder you have several items thrifted from NYC. Have fun, stay warm!

  16. Ooh, I always love hearing what the cool kids in NYC are wearing! You look lovely, elegant and warm, Patti! Way to “walk the walk” and look great while staying snuggly.

    Thank you so much for hosting “Visible Monday” this year! I truly appreciate how much work it is for you.

    • I think (not sure) that NYC gets colder than your beautiful island! Thanks for coming by, xox.

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