On The List for Fall: The Cashmere Cardigan

I’m slowly weeding out and upgrading my wardrobe. It’s truly fun, and leads to many a late night on Polyvore, Pinterest, and deep in Blog-land.

I’ve got several key pieces to add for Fall/Winter, as the budget allows. First among them is a soft cashmere cardigan in gray, ivory or navy (I’ve got a nice non-cashmere black cardi by Calvin Klein that passes muster).

If you’ve owned a wonderful cardigan, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. I’m looking for really good construction, a luxurious hand, and non-trendy styling. Here are some I’ve found online that are in my Maybe file:

Classic style from JCrew
Slightly more fitted and shorter, Nordstroms
Softer styling; I’d leave off the belt. Banana Republic.

Or is it too freaking hot to even contemplate such things? : >  Thanks for any feedback you can offer. And have a glorious Friday.

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  1. Hi there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this site.

  2. Talbots has gorgeous cardigans, this year as every year. I love their sizing options, which include regular, petite, and women's plus sizes. Cashmere, cotton, merino wool…something for everyone.

  3. I've had very good luck buying used cashmere sweaters on eBay. My upper price point is $15, and I look for the house brands of Macy's, Nordstrom, and Saks. Measure a sweater that fits you well by laying it flat on the bed: sleeve length, armpit to armpit width and neck to hem length. Then look for similar measurements. If a seller doesn't list actual measurements, don't be afraid to ask for them.

    Sizes like S/M/L are often meaningless, because people often sell their sweaters after they shrink them in the wash! In fact, I prefer them that way, just a bit shrunken, since I'm going to gentle cycle cold wash mine anyway. I don't have to be as careful with blocking them afterwards.

    Unlike thrift stores, eBay ALWAYS has cashmere sweaters for sale. In fact, right now there are over 21,000 women's cashmere sweaters available there and 1,300 of them are under $15 🙂 It's true that you can't judge exact color, fit, or softness through your computer screen, but if you stick to known brands you can get a pretty good idea. And when the package(s) arrive next week it will feel like the holidays in August!

  4. My dream would to be buy a cashmere long cardigan by Brunello Cucinelli..they are expensive but they last forever, his cashmere feels like silk on the skin, does not pill and it's absolutely warm…

  5. I love cashmere in any form! I usually buy it at the end of the season to get a better price.  My favorite "find" is my full length cashmere bathrobe.
    Even my kitty has good taste and loves cashmere.  I gave him one of my old sweaters and he sleeps on it the time.

  6. I'd love to have a cashmere cardigan!  But I just can't spend that kind of money on a sweater.  I'd be so afraid I'd wash it wrong and ruin it.  But if I did buy one, I like the Nordstrom one.  Beautiful!

  7. love that BR cardi
    i usually get my cardi's at the Loft, they are well made and reasonably priced

  8. I like the second cardigan the most. Maybe it is the color, but the style looks like it would suit you well.
    I don't have any advice on any particular brand. There aren't too many cashmere sweaters available here and those that are aren't that fantastic.
    From reviews I have read, Bompard seems to be a much loved brand. Mater posted about one recently.

  9. I bought the J Crew cashmere boyfriend cardigan in royal blue last August and have worn it even more than I thought I would!  It hasn't pilled (there were some complaints about that with their other styles of cashmere cardigans in some blogs over the winter).  I have plenty of shorter cardigans so the extra length was a nice addition to my wardrobe.  When I wanted a dressier/more fitted look, I wore it belted.  It might not work for everyone, but it's been great for me!

  10. I adore cashmere- so year round, am down to discuss it. The best thing about my new (cooler) climate is the amazing sweaters and coats I'm finding at the thrift shops- I recently found a vintage camel hair cardigan for $5. Perfect condition. But I blather. Cashmere is awesome- and best if vintage. Vintage cashmere NEVER pills and lasts for decades. The way they create the yarn was different, only using the long hair from the belly of the goat. And so, I suggest you invest in some good vintage sweaters, they're not always cheaper, but often are, and worth the money.

  11. Based on the photos, I have a strong preference for the Nordstroms Cardi (fit, color, classic V-neck, not bulky, etc.).  This Cardi can stand on its own w/out anything under it (lace cami, etc.), and it can be dressed up soooo easily  — change the buttons to pearl or crystal from your button box or add a great necklace and bracelet, and wouldn't it just be fabulous with a Hermès scarf? 

    But……much as we like the thought of ordering on line, try it on first!!  Photos can be deceiving as to fit and color. 

  12. Coincidentally, I posted today about my cashmere v-neck. Not a cardi, but it's become so indispensable. I've got a couple of cashmere grandpa-style cardigans and they're also worth every penny (Eric Bompard, Club Monaco). Haven't tried J Crew or BR, don't have Nordstrom's up here — I'd just say to find a classic style and good fit in as good a quality as you can muster the budget for. You'll be wearing it forever and ever, and every time you stroke its creamy goodness, you'll feel so pleased that you treated yourself well . . . 

  13. I found a black cashmere cardigan to be an indispensible basic in my wardrobe and I wore mine to death and have needed a replacement for some time. Quite taken by the last white wrap. 

  14. I like these, but I picture one with more shape on you. Something with a shawl collar that nips in at the waist. It's more feminine that way.  But that's just my thoughts for the day. 😉

  15. I like the shorter Nordstrom one and I love that cherry color.  Now a pop of color makes everything fresh and new.   I never have luck purchasing from a picture though I have to have it on my body even with something as simple as a cardigan.

  16. Freaking hot? 😀 Seriously, I'd be delighted with any of your choices. I love cashmere but don't own any. My cardi go-tos are Target, Loft, and Banana Republic, and anything formerly expensive but now thrifted.

  17. My favorite cardigans are all from J Crew. They fit well, hold up well and are classic enough to wear for years. And, if you stalk their sales online, you can get one for a pretty good price. Eventually.

  18. I like the look of the J Crew one!  I bought a beautiful cashmere sweater at a consignment shop last week for $14…I know it is hot now, but I will be happy about that price when the weather turns colder.  I think you are smart to think about this purchase now, before they disappear. You would look great in the color of the Nordstroms one!!

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