Neutrals, And A Pop Of Color: Visible Monday

Neutrals, And A Pop Of Color. My closet is full of neutrals, even though I think of myself as a vibrant, sometimes loud, person 😄. Neutrals make mix-and-matching simple. And there are always accessories to add texture and color.

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It’s simply gorgeous in Florida in March. The days are in the 70’s and the nights get cool, and you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Today I chose a sheer knit top (thrifted) and black harem pants. The top obviously needs an under-thing, and I chose a simple black tank. A colorful tank would work too.

You can see a scrap of the ocean in the upper left. All the Northerners who come here for the winter think the water is warm (it’s a frigid 65 degrees!)

This is an outfit I can wear anywhere. Today it’s lunch downtown with my sweetie. The glass pendant was found at the gift shop of the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. And these Cydwoq booties (via eBay six years ago) are probably making their 100th appearance on the blog. That’s how cool I think they are.

If you don’t like to show bare skin, a sheer top like this one is just right for a hint of skin.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Hi Daenel and happy Tuesday! Thanks for coming over, and I love your embroidered, tiered blouse. xox

    • Thank you, Maria. Your Spring looks – and the pussy willows – are lovely to see! xox

    • Aww thanks, Suzanne. Our little town is dominated by surf-wear, so I don’t have a high bar to reach : > Thanks for linking up, great post about online reviews. xox

  1. Looking both elegant and casual in your neutrals, Patti. I’m swooning over that necklace! Oh, to be able to see the ocean from one’s balcony! I’ve just published a post about my third year of blogging, and looking at my photos from the archives, there’s a rainbow of colour and hardly any neutrals. But I’ve linked my most neutral outfit! xxx

    • You are a lovely rainbow, Ann! Thanks for coming by, and have a great week ahead. xox

    • thank you, Jess. Your floral silk blouse is just beautiful, and you look gorgeous wearing it. xox

    • Thanks Rama! It was fun to get to know you a little better on your Sunshine Award post today! xox

    • Thank you Cristina! I liked your sneaker round-up. I wear them most days of the week. xox

    • Hi Jodie! You look wonderful in color. And Charlotte is the bomb today in her cool Western wear. xox

    • I thought about you, Shelbee. You might be just in the mood for a quick dip in the sea : > thanks for coming by and stay fabulous, xox.

  2. I really love neutrals. They are so versatile to mix and match with either dark or light colours. I also like a sheerness top with a little vest underneath – it’s a lovely casual look. Have a great week Patti! – the weather sounds heavenly to me.
    Alison xx

    • Thanks Debbie! We are lucky weather-wise in March, but don’t ask about August! : > Loved your post today, it’s a must-read. xox

  3. Liking the sound of your plans for today, Patti!
    That glass pendant is beautiful and nothing you wear could ever be described as neutral.
    Oh to be able to see the see from our house, what a dream! xxx

    • thanks dear Vix. Your post today is marvelous; I adore your new riding jacket. And I just picked up a pair of Mjus booties on eBay! xox

  4. As hot as it has been I know the water is still way too cold for me! But I do laugh when I see all the tourists flocking to the beach and water parks, I’m sure it feels great to them but I’d be shivering!
    Love the sheer top, great way to be cool without too much exposure.

    • Thanks Kellyann! I really enjoyed getting to know you better through your “favorite things”! xox

  5. I have a sheer tunic that I love for late spring. I never was a fan of sheer before, but now I find it to be just the thing–it covers and reveals at the same time, when I don’t want to do too much of either.
    Your booties are works of art.
    Speaking of art, there’s a Dalí museum near me, in Figueras, Spain, where he lived. It’s a trippy place.

    • Oh I’d love to visit the Dali museum in Spain! Love the word “trippy” wrt Dali. Thanks for your kind words and have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

  6. Neutrals with a pop of colour look good on you Patti. I do love the neckline on your top. Those boots are always a winner.

    • We have been friends for a long time! Thanks for the kind words and for linking up, xox.

    • Thanks Heather. You showed some gorgeous camera bags today in your post! xox

    • Right you are, neutrals are colors too! Loved your pics of decor, and the apartment looks very cool. It is almost baseball season and we’ll be coming over to St Pete to watch the Rays – hope to get a chance to meet up with you! xox

  7. That is a fine outfit, Patti! It’s casual but elegant and really could take you anywhere. I love the airiness of the top.

    Hmm. I guess I have been mostly neutral this week, using pops of color to enliven what I wore-mostly greys with some deep, royal purple or dark blue with green tea/matcha colored accents.

    Enjoy those lovely temperatures. 🙂

    • Your colors sound lovely, Cee. I love deep blue with green tea. Thanks for coming over! xox

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