It’s Tee Time: Summer Favorites

Florida summer: nothing is very comfortable at a certain point! But I do like wearing lightweight dresses and skirts for air circulation. I don’t wear shorts much, unless it’s for outdoor chores. I rely on a handful of comfortable cotton tees, and replace most of them every summer (they get washed and dried a lot).

Of course, there are the standard black, navy and white tees. These come mainly from GAP and Old Navy. Gap’s “Body” line is really soft and holds its shape well.

GAP Body tees are among my favorites. Under $17.

Sometimes I like a slightly dressier tee, for lunch with friends. This one from Liz Claiborne would be versatile:

I like a couple of print tees too, to break the rhythm. This one would be great with slim white jeans or a white skirt. Also by Liz Claiborne and on sale for $13:

And I like a shot of whimsy for those hanging-around-at-the-bookstore days. I know the “rule” about No Graphic Tees after 50. Phooey on that. Love the print on this Dorothy Perkins tee, $17.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and howl at the moon ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, May 5th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Couldn't agree more with you on this Tee-time of year. I also replace the basic white and black every year and add a few fun graphics as well. I'm really liking the oversize tee's this season and the way they look with skinny jeans and skirts. By the way, anthropologie is having a great sale on some of their fun graphic tee's.

  2. The graphic one is my favorite and I'm over 50 so go figure. I guess rules are made to be broken! Debbie @

  3. I love the Dorothy Perkins one and the floral one. I'm a bit obsessed with floral t shirts at the moment – I'm having to prevent myself from buying more as two are really enough for my wardrobe. I love them 'cos I can wear them to work (they're either completely or partly made of polyester so come off a bit more formal like a t-shirt shaped blouse)

  4. It's useful to have a few cotton short-sleeved tops of some description, so t-shirts are an obvious answer, but they just don't excite me at all, I'm afraid! Mine are all bought secondhand, I couldn't imagine spending much on a t-shirt! I didn't realise Dorothy Perkins clothing is available in the States, the shop has been a staple of the British high street for many, many years. xxx

  5. I've never heard of Dorothy Perkins but that t with the birds is beyond cute. I don't hold with no graphics after 50 but I stay away from any t shirt with words, unless it's for my beloved KU Jayhawks!

  6. I love that floral one. I usually buy tees at Target or JCP – I can always find 100% cotton. But I also like to have some loose woven shirts so I don't have to wear a bra!

  7. What was that about the rules? The only rule is… I like it! I also wear mainly dresses when it gets too hot.Or my bathing suit and go for a swim!

  8. I love your t-shirt choices. I live in central Florida and have quite the t-shirt collection.

  9. I used to be supremely against graphic tees, not because of age, but because I swore I would never wear anything that gave people reason to stare overlong at my chest. I've since changed my mind, of course – never say never! – and these tees are a great example of why. I still am leery about words on shirts, but graphics are now a-okay in my book.

  10. I love that Dorothy Perkins t-shirt. I agree…t-shirts are necessary when you know you will be sweating lots and need to constantly wash the item.

    Have a great weekend Patti!


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