I Don’t Have A Wish List, But If I Did . . .

I think I’m too seasoned at age 59 to have a “wish list.” If I really, really want something and it fits in the monthly budget, I’ll buy it. I don’t actually buy much, by mass consuming standards, but I don’t deny myself little pleasures either. If not now (for NYC, good books, good friends, great coffee and wine, some fab style) . . . when?

But if I did have a wish list, it might contain these few goodies:

  • Walking shoes. I am on a quest for super-comfortable walking shoes, as in: I can walk for 3 or 4 miles on NYC streets in a day and still feel good. I bought some very cool Rieker booties but had to return them: too snug across the instep. Here are a couple pair up for consideration:
Mott Oxfords by Born.
Whistle Vine by Clarks.
  • Faux fur vest. Why, why do I want one of these when it’s still in the 80’s in Florida? I don’t rightly know, I just want one. I’ve been searching the thrifts but haven’t found the right one yet. Maybe this:
I like the short boxy shape. From Jones New York.
Love the colors in this one (it’s faux). Via Nordstrom.
  • Homes for kittens. I’m a slave to the Livestream account of TinyKittens. Mother cat Dorothy gave birth (I watched!) to six darling kittens. I’d take the one with the cleft palate, just in case no one else will adopt him. Sandy threatens divorce, but I don’t think he means it. I’ll be happy enough if all six babies and gorgeous mom Dorothy get good homes.
Dorothy and her babies. Do want.

Do you have a wish list? Share, please, you never know who may be reading.ย  : >ย  And to my US friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Hi Patti! Nice wish list, especially the kittens. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought great walking shoes – not dressy but great casual leather sneakers called Caspian by Joseph Siebel. If you order from the UK web site you can get colors not available in the US. I could walk in them all day. I like the Clarks boots in your link too! Happy holidays!

  2. Wait…you're 59? WTH! I would never have guessed and I'm not just saying that. I thought you were mid to late 40s…something like that. Well, I bow to you. And as for tha cats…erm…let's just say that if I had my way every single cat in the world would live with me. Yeah, that crazy.

  3. I think I'd put either of those pairs of shoes on my wish list. And I do really need a vest or two. But if I'm not just stealing your wish list (kittens are assumed – yes!), I would add a smartphone. I can't believe I don't have one yet.

  4. Stylish and comfortable walking shoes are always on my wish list, as is a hypo-allergenic dog. I would wish that all abandoned pets find a loving, forever home.

  5. Patti, First off, Happy Thanksgiving to you on this day of being thankful. I adore your "wish" list especially the fur vest at Nordtroms, although those oxfords have your name written all over them.
    I'm at the age of wishing list like you,
    But if I had one it may be to have
    A book for every child ( every child needs their own book to old in their hands)
    Knowing every child felt loved and
    Maybe an extra trip to NYC.

  6. Awww I'm a sucker for a cute kitty! We have 4 rescue pets and the hubs and I have had to make a pact: no more for now! They're all spoiled rotten and run the show around here, which we're both actually pretty comfortable with. lol. Yes, to walking shoes and I've also been thinking about a fur vest, but haven't found the perfect one yet (nor have I spent much time looking to be honest) …

    Adore you and your blog, Miss Patti!


    Dawn Lucy


  7. Those oxford shoes, wow, I really love them. I have my eye out for a pair as well, most likely thrifted, but in shoes I'm flexible, retail is okay too. The faux fur, ha, sometimes we need what we need! I'm looking for a little red dress in a particular shade of red, a party dress, not that I'll be attending any. I just would like one.

  8. Happy Turkey Day in advance to you too.

    Pssst! It's 80+ degrees over here in SoCal too but I have tons of fur vests. I say splurge and live a little. You're probably as much in an a/c-ed environment as I am and that's how I justify all my weather inappropriate clothes. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wish for a double collar Anne Fontaine white button down top. For less than a hundred bucks. Is that doable?

  9. I don't have wish lists either, I just wait and see what the charity shop gods provide!
    But if I DID have a list, I'd love those kittens please – and their mum too! xxx

  10. Awww….kittens!

    My wish would most certainly have a baby pug in it. Maybe a baby French Bulldog too. And I would love to get rid of all puppy mills.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Patti!

    PS I had a little shirt that I put up on my Facebook page that I found for you but I forgot to tag you in it. I think you might want to add it to your list.


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