Four Reasons To Wear A Graphic Tee After 40 (Or 60)

Graphic tees  are on most lists of “what not to wear after 40” (here’s a ridiculous list). Oh, humbug to that. Hello Debbie Harry! I love to see a band tee on a woman (or man) of a certain age. It may not be office-wear but I like the casual cool.

Here are my reasons to wear graphic tees forever:

  • Number one through number one million is, of course: wear what you love and feel free to disregard rules published in lady-mags. For me, Hello Kitty is too youthful, and I don’t wear curse words or cruel slogans. We all draw our lines where we need to.
  • You can express yourself and your mood, your interests, and passions without saying a word. Hermes bags say something about you, as well as leather motorcycle jackets, but not as literally. Some days I may want the whole world to know I am a Tampa Bay Rays follower, or a Who fan, or a flaming liberal.
I am an old hippie.
  • You can start an actual conversation with a stranger if you feel like it. My barista at Starbucks  saw my gray tee and said “That’s my favorite movie,” and we chatted about it (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).
  • It’s a built-in accessory.

This tee (similar) was thrifted in NYC, as was the Brooks Brothers linen skirt (similar). The ivory skirt is a great basic, suitable for dressier occasions as well. My gifted flat sandals are a dash of color.

Do you/would you wear a graphic tee shirt? What would yours say?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Oh yes.I am 46 and wear my band concert t shirts with pride and I always get good responses especially from the fans of the bands. All it takes is confidence and been yourself no matter what.

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