Do You Fall In Love With Your Clothes?

Do you fall in love, or get infatuated with your clothes? (I am not comparing this love to the Real Thing: none of us loves our clothes the way we love our children, husbands and pets . . . I hope). But I mean, do you get crushes on your clothing, and then how does it work out?

Like romances with lovers, romance with clothes can be a hot, sweet affair: the cropped, fringed jeans, silky slip-skirts, strategic cut-out dresses. I was crazy, crazy for statement pendants for a while, then I fell out of love. I’ll still wear them once in a while when the mood strikes, but the heat is gone.

I own this silk skirt from Quince, and I’m still in love. Great price point too.

Sometimes we fall in love with potential. Our mothers warned us about this (with regard to men, anyway). Unless you’re a skilled re-fashioner, most garments aren’t going to become just-right for us if the lines, color and shape are all-wrong at the start. We might do better leaving the potential at the shop and moving on.

We also have to beware of falling simply for a name. Not all designer labels are worthy of our love. Versace and Gucci make gorgeous pieces, but they mostly don’t suit my life or style, not even taking astronomical prices into account. It’s like choosing the man just because he’s a big-time CEO. Great guy, perhaps, but not necessarily a great match in love.

I could fall in love with this Gucci dress. And I could buy it, or visit Paris.

Some wardrobe love affairs are meant to last: your best, best leather boots, tailored blazer, cashmere v-neck, and silk tank, for example. For me, it’s my dark wash straight jeans, gold dolphin earrings, Chuck Taylor sneakers, and black knit midi dress.

I think it’s wonderful to have all varieties of clothing-love in our lives. Clothes should be fun and flattering. I enjoy the little skip in my heartbeat when I spot something beautiful, whether it’s forever or for right-now.  I continue to let my “crushes” lead me astray now and then, and that’s how I keep learning.

“A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste—it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.”

Diana Vreeland

What say you? Do you follow your heart all the way to your clothes? Are you a more logical, disciplined wardrober? No wrong answers, of course, just different ways to approach the closet.

Stay fabulous, xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:


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  1. I fall in love with any kind of embellishment or sparkle, for sure, and I indulge myself in it when it suits me. I have gone gaga over things for a while – more like style crushes! I love the experimentation of it all. I’m monogamous in my marriage, but I have affairs with my clothes all the time! Ha ha!

    Great to see you – love this, Patti!

  2. Patti, I have just discovered your blog and have been devouring it. I am so happy you are here in this blogosphere! What a beam of light you are! I love your attitude and your clothes. I tend to NOT go for colour – I like blacks and greys – but I absolutely love all your outfits.
    Yes, I do fall in love with my clothes. There are some pieces that are getting really old but I love so much that I cannot part with them. Even though, at this point, I’m not really GOING to fancy places, there is a gorgeous dress in my closet that I love so much. Maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to wear it again!
    Thanks for being you and for writing and sharing!

    • Awww, Nicole, thanks so much for your kind words! My day is made now, and it’s only 10am. Yes, hold on to that gorgeous dress – you will wear it some day soon. Stay lovely and stay well, xx.

  3. Fun and interesting topic to think about and great silk skirt tip thank you .I love any clothing item that makes me feel attractive. The clothing items I love the most are my Baroque silk scarves designed by Gianni Versace when he was still alive and creating artistic beautiful fashion .Wearing one of his scarves feels like my personal visual ode to Beloved Gianni .

    • Hi Joan, great to see you. I am thinking your Versace scarves are works of art, to cherish. He was an amazing talent. Stay well and safe and thanks for commenting – xx.

  4. I love blue, all shades of blue, and turquoise blue, it looks great with my blonde hair and green eyes, but I must branch out into neutral land, lol. As long as I have my drop-hem jeans, a blue tee, caramel boots and a camel blazer, I’m good to go for fall! Love your words of wisdom and cool fashion vibe!

    • Hi Sharon and thanks for your kind words! I love, love drop hem jeans, thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your day and stay well, -xx.

  5. I love my vintage cowboy boots because they are special, and my black cashmere mock neck because it goes with everything. I have been known to fall for a print and then decide it’s really matronly. what looks fresh on a twenty something model can often look dowdy in real life.

    • Hello Darby and thanks for your comments. I agree about prints – I’ve changed my mind about many of them. Stay well and fabulous, xx.

  6. I know that I succumb to certain colors more than is healthy. Take green, for instance. I’ve never met a green I didn’t like (except maybe for kelly, which is great for shamrocks but difficult to wear). Right now, green seems to be having a moment, and I find that I’ve been luredby its siren song more than once. I really, truly, do not need any more clothing at this stage in my life. I am determined to slow down my clothing purchases. Until the next time I get sucker punched by green . . .

    • Hello Judy and thanks for coming by. Yeah, colors can pull me in too. Now it’s sky blue for everything, including bed covers! And big yes to this: “I really, truly, do not need any more clothing at this stage in my life.” : > Stay well, xx.

  7. Those of us who ARE skilled at fashioning — and refashioning — can fall into the same traps of making/altering garments that are entirely unsuitable for our coloring, our figures, our lifestyles. It takes a great deal of self-control for me not to churn out fancy, slinky dresses that I will never in a hundred years find a proper occasion to wear.

    Simple, classic shapes in solid, classic neutrals are so very, very boring to sew. They are so very, very versatile to wear … I will grit my teeth and go a-hunting for 10 yards or so of fig brown, or spinach green, or tree-bark gray in an acceptable weave and fiber. Any of those colors will play well with all the extravagant brocade jackets I made during COVID lockdowns. And with the royal purple damask pants suit.

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