Design Your Own Shoes – So Fun!

This sounds like a fun job: Two sisters created an online company, allowing women to design their own shoes and custom-order them. (I found the story in  the New York Times Business section).

Ilissa and Dorian Howard started Milk and Honey Shoes so women wouldn’t be “stuck with the options that the ladies footwear buyer from a department store provides for you.” Dorian said. “You want that three-inch, raised, suede pump? We’ll make it for you.”

The site is great fun to play with, but pretty pricey. I did design, if not purchase, several fabulous pairs. Here’s my red peep-toes in faux-croc:

Love! Unfortunately, the price came out at $275.

You can start with flats, wedges, platforms, boots, or booties. Add bows, rhinestones, roses or knots. Have one or two or no straps, and elevate or chunkify your heels. You can design in leather, suede, fabric, pony and tweed. Party on, designing women, and have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Patti 🙂 What a fabulous idea. We all dream of specifc shoes we have in mind (personally I have been dreaming for years about a pair Lady Di used to wear some years ago).
    I will check the sister's  website but unfortunately the price to get your own shoes sounds outrageous.
    I wish the best of luck nonetheless to these two young entrepreneurs.
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  2. I saw that article but assumed all the shoes had stratospheric heels. 
    Either your picture has a different angle or they have lower heights.
    I do agree that the price is not in my league.

  3. Very cool! There's another company called Shoes of Prey who does this, and they aim at the bigger foot market, although I think they do standard sizes as well. You have to register with them to play, though, and they will spam the heck out of you once you do that.

  4. Fun shoes! I will say though, there's enough interesting shoes out there that I enjoy the hunt more than wanting to design my own. I really really love shoes, but I'm happy to let someone else do the work.

  5. Does sound like fun…but I do not think I have ever spent that on a pair of shoes! Whew….but I will check it out…for play time!!

  6. Perhaps this is what I need! I just spent $187 for a pair of Wolky's that were supposed to be comfortable/supportive and I am in agony. Check out these Chinese shoes I saw at the Field Museum in Chicago. Talk about agony!

  7. The ultimate in luxury – getting custom shoes. I wouldn't know where to begin.

    Sue, I can't believe you didn't keep custom-made, monogrammed Fluevogs!!!

  8. Clever idea.  One of my biggest thrills was having a pair of Fox and Fluevog shoes designed by John Fluevog.  He was just starting out in Gastown then, and I got the coolest pair of platform clogs with handtooled leather.  He also stamped the footsoles with poetry and my name….{Sigh}  And, no, I no longer have them.

  9. Very cool!!  Love that it is owned and run by women, too!  Bit out of my price range for now, though!!  

  10. Ahh, if money were no object, wouldn't that be a fun thing to do? And then do again and again! xxx

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