Bohemian Fashion Over Fifty

The Bohemian or Festival or Hippie Grunge look is having yet another revival – check the runway shows of Valentino, Burberry Prorsum, Etro and more. We baby boomers were part of the first Boho go-round in the late 60’s. I had a floppy hat, tiered skirt, and enormous bell bottoms in high school and early college. Fringed bags and belts, suede vests, platform sandals, we loved them all.

We also stood outside in the rain or heat to see our favorite bands, had all-night “rap sessions” and perhaps partook of some quasi-legal substances. I am not prepared to repeat my youth, just revisit some nostalgic, feminine styles.

I don’t believe in the old style saw that if you wore a trend once, you should pass on it the next time around. I think elements of the Boho aesthetic still look wonderful (and of course, wear what you love, you’ve earned the right). Some styles I won’t relive, like towering platforms, because my feet can’t bear the pain. But there’s plenty still to love.

Here are a few looks I’ll adapt from the latest revival. These pieces can be authentic vintage 70’s (shop at Vix’s) or modern remakes. The vintage stuff has the most soul but the new stuff is easier to find in a small city.

  • A vintage print skirt, between knee length and floor, must be flowy. No pencils here.
That’s what I’m talking about, via Etsy.
  • A fringed bag.
This one is Boho and refined at the same time. Via Nordie‘s.
  • A peasant blouse. Not a floofy, frothy, sheer one for me, but a polished one like this:
This one is a beauty. I love the colors and the vintage style embroidery. Via Anthropologie.
  • Hippie sandals. I say no to boring shoes, at any age. While platforms are too scary for me now, I still love a sandal with personality. This one could’ve come from my 70’s closet.
Faux snakeskin and a tiny heel. Via Nordie‘s.

Over to you: what are your favorite Boho looks of the past and/or present?

Stay fabulous,

Come browse the Old Hippie Stuff with me:

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