My Four Takeaway Secrets From The Vancouver Blogger Meet-Up

The Vancouver 40+ Blogger Meet-Up (first of a series, I hope) was pure joy. Huge thanks to Melanie, Sue and Suzanne for all their prep work. The city is beautiful and friendly (soooo friendly – there are no crabby Canadians).

Other fabulous bloggers (e.g., Melanie and Sheila) have covered the photography so well, and I am not a great photographer. So no cool collages from me, I am a Left Brain. I do like to ponder a lot, though, so here are my take-aways from the cosmic meet-up:

  • People > fashion. Always and ever so. Some of us dressed more formally at the events, some eclectically and artistically, and some like everyday. No matter what we wore: we got to connect, share personal thoughts, laugh like schoolkids. People trump (ack! sorry for the word!) clothing, every time. P.S. Clothing is a lot of fun too.
  • Take chances. It was great fun at the clothing swap to see the group reaching for outre items and giving them a go. It’s a valuable lesson for shopping and vogue-ing: take a chance, try on that sheer floral duster (me) and find another side of your style.
  • Open up and ask a lot of questions. Some of the best times were one-on-ones and two-on-twos, where we could really discover each other’s thoughts, hopes, and concerns. I love the sharing.
  • Were all the same, we’re all unique. That’s one of the first things they taught us in therapy school. We all have loves and fears, we all want to be appreciated as we are. And we all are utterly unique – the fun is uncovering those special quirks.

So I leave the great pics to my talented friends (thanks!), and here are just a couple of mine:

Pao and Anne sharing the fab necklaces made for us by Melanie. The smiles!
Two more uber-stylish friends, Suzanne and Greetje. Is Suzanne standing on tip-toe?
This pic was taken by the fabulous Melanie. I was doing a giddy twirl and wearing a sweater swapped by Suzanne.

My heart is longing for a repeat of this joyful event.

 Stay fabulous,

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