Am I Too [Blank] To Wear This?

Am I too [blank] to wear this? Most of us have had that moment in front of the mirror:  Am I too (in my case) old for this look? Most recently it was a very pretty tiered skirt, with ruffles and a slightly gathered waist. I eventually decided against it, and went for a satin midi skirt with a drawstring waist. My choice was still flattering and modern, and I felt more comfortable in it. Something about the tiers and ruffles felt like I was trying too hard to rewind the clock.

Not this exact skirt, but similar. I told it “not quite.” 😊

Something like this feels just fine. Let the clothes do the hard work.
Skirt from Nordies.

A few months ago my beloved “baby” sister (age 50) sent me an email of a tote with celebrity’s picture on it. Sister is getting it free with purchase at Dillard’s. She asked “Am I too old for this purse? Tell me the truth, Pat!” So I told her my opinion: it was a tote for a very young woman, but she should get it if she loves it. And that she is not too old, it’s the purse that skews young.

“For age is opportunity no less, than youth itself, though in another dress.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I am thin now so I don’t currently suffer from “Am I too fat for this skirt, these jeans, etc”. I was a plump child though and heard plenty of it in my head through my younger years. When hip-hugger jeans first came in style, I “knew” I was “too fat” for those. Ditto two-piece bathing suits and short-shorts. It still hurts to recall those moments of body-hate.

I’d like to turn the title question around and rephrase it: does this (garment) make me feel special, beautiful, feminine, proud? It is now the job of the clothing to do the hard work, because I am not too (blank). If that tiered skirt doesn’t make me feel confident, sorry skirt, you are on your way to live at baby sister’s house!


It’s still a struggle to not fault myself for failing to look good in every outfit. I must remind myself that I have my own face, shape and age. What looks stunning on Gisele Bündchen is, well, stunning on Gisele Bündchen. Somebody’s gotta be me, and it looks like it’s going to be me.

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re too “whatever” to wear “whatever”? Please share your stories, and thanks as always for reading.

“It’s true, I’ve become one of those grumpy older women.”

-Penelope Wilton

Stay fabulous, xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:

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  1. I went through a stretch of time when I turned 50 when I would question myself as to whether I was “too old” to wear something, but as I approach 60 this year, I’ve tried to adopt your suggestion of asking “how does this make me feel when I wear it” instead. Really, you’re never too old to wear something you love and makes you feel great.

    • Hi Shelley! Me too – I was less confident about my style 10 years ago. I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence : > Stay fab, xx.

  2. Well you certainly helped me out with your post. I am soon to be 64 and for the last two years I have had thoughts regarding aging and I am losing some confidence in my decisions – thinking is this garment too young for me now? But now I am going to ask myself – does this garment skew young? Do you love it enough that you feel confident wearing it? I recently bought a tiered dress with eyelet on the bottom tier. BUT, I bought it in black – which made it a confidence booster for me – more sophisticated than the coral colour which was a second choice. It is a sundress and I feel great in it! Love your posts – first time commenting.

    • Hello Ms Liz and thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Your black sundress sounds perfect, and I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe, xx.

  3. Great post I so relate and find I also feel more comfortable when I select a more conservative sophisticated outfit. Fortunately no matter ones age we can still add creative beautiful accessories like jewelry,belts,scarves bags etc to retain that fun joie de vivre of youth. .A problem I have is often when shopping I forget my age and give into that young girl in my heart and buy something a little inappropriate but have found I can wear those choices out with friends or to the Modern museum where everything goes. I just have to be careful not to give into that impulsive side of youth within too much.

    • Hello Joan and how good to see you. It’s wonderful to give into “that young girl in our hearts” every now and then. : > Stay well and safe, xx.

  4. Love your inspiring post. I’m still trying to find my style niche. Getting close to 60 and still all over the place with “what to wear”. Always searching for those clothing boutiques that “speak to me”. I like a bit of an eclectic style but not sure I’m at the confidence level to actual “go for it” but I’m getting closer to being me!

    • Good morning Judy and thanks for coming by. I say “go for it” and enjoy experimenting – we can always change our minds, right? I find it helpful to identify a couple of brands that consistently carry looks I love. Stay safe and fab, xx.

  5. Great insights!!! Told by a friend in college that I didn’t have the knees for mini-skirts [then all the rage….60s]. Some knee-angst pops up even now, 50 years later. I struggle, but feel lovely in long, swishy, skirts and dresses…..and am SO glad that I like how I look and feel in wide-leg jeans. What idiocy. [oh, and my friend and I discussed this at length years later and all is forgiven.]

    • Hello UpstateBQ and thanks for your comments! I adore a long swishy skirt/dress too. And wide leg jeans are flattering as heck, imho. Stay well, xx.

  6. I think you should wear what you like and feel confident in at any age. The older I get, I know what works and what should stay in the store. I think we all have a voice in our head that let’s us know when something looks awful. I see older ladies rocking outfits that I would feel silly in but they shine.

    • Good morning MP and thanks for coming over. i like what you said about the voice in our heads – it’s usually spot on. Stay safe and well, xx.

  7. Amen, and amen!

    I am finally old enough to be comfortable dressing as my grandaunt dressed when she was in her dotage. She always looked comfortable and pretty, in pastel shirtwaist dresses and low-heeled shoes. I so admired her style, but felt it was very aging, when I was 25, to dress like an 80-year-old woman.

    Silly old me. A silhouette that flatters your shape, colors that flatter your skin and hair, are ageless. Little details (sleeve treatments, size of collar, hem length, etc.,) update current fashion trends for aged person at any time of the millennium. (I have a favorite skirt copied from an 1890s “walking skirt.” It fits, it flatters. I wear it with impunity. And flat shoes.)

    • Hi Lin and thanks for your comments. I love the idea of copying a 19th century skirt; you’re giving me ideas! Stay well, xx.

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