An Abundance of Treasures

Yesterday was a serious shopping day. I scoured the East Village for vintage and thrift finds and had a marvelous time. (Many thanks to my incomparable hair stylist Joy for the shopping tips). Of course, the people watching is equally fabulous.

At this little shop, all the clothing is downstairs. It’s a great mix of vintage and regular thrift. I chatted up a very nice salesperson, who was interested in what over-40 women blog about! He helped me find a divine maxi skirt – deep blue velvet wrap-around with an embroidered waistband. True to my new form, I wore it out of there and donated my black Banana Republic skirt.

Downstairs at The Cure

Not on my list, but I stumbled upon East Village Thrift. Score! Superb stock and real thrift prices. I had to restrain myself due to carrying limitations, but I’ll be back. I bought a scarf and a beanie hat, and a gorgeous silk Anthropologie blouse ($8). You’ll see that when I am back in warmer weather.

An unplanned stop, but well worth it!

Another treasure trove is No Relation Vintage. They had a huge stock of faux and real fur coats for $20 – $75. And with temps expected to hit 32 degrees tonight (and snow!), I was tempted. I bought a cozy faux fur scarf instead. But I am going back — they have lots of high-end bags for $40 – $50. Kooba, Michael Kors, Coach and more.

Wish you all were here!

Later today (in addition to sleet and freezing rain): a vocal performance at NYU for $5. This is a great city.

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  1. Love reading about your adventures and your thrifty 'finds.'  Treasures waiting to be found are in your future.

  2. Oh, I am so envious of all your great thrift stores! I just keep going to the same ones all the time…

  3. I looks like you are having a wonderful time.  I hit up a couple of thrift stores while I was on vacation too.  Not as great as the ones you have found but still fun!
    Stay warm!

  4. I do love thrifting!  Recently I found a pair of custom made Italian booties made in the hills of Italy by Donald Pliner.  Slipping into them is pure decadence. 

  5. I wish I was there with you too! That last store sounds like I would one I would swoon over! NYC has the best bargains on thrift from what I can tell. I would probably have a trunk load of stuff from there.

  6. I feel so jealous ! It sounds like a treasure hunt.You are lucky you found things you will enjoy wearing and I like that you donated one piece before aquiring a new one. Great concept.

  7. This post just put me in a thrifting mood…..Sounds like you had fun!

    Get Up & Go

  8. I am dying to see that velvet skirt! It sounds like this trip is paying off in every way. You must publish your list of great shops when you get back, unless you're going to keep them all a secret!

  9. I am so anxious to see what you found…thrifting in New York…how much fun!

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