A Luxurious Handmade Dress By PIOL

My style is not usually associated with high-end bespoke dresses. I am a thrift store/consignment/get it on sale kind of woman. But it’s wonderful to visit the other world of fashion, and PIOL dresses recently gave me that opportunity. PIOL is all about custom-sewn dresses in luxury fabrics; their motto is “Your Perfect Go-To Dress.”

And they are about perfection. The selection process for your dress is like going to a fine tailor and/or designer. First, PIOL‘s site walks you through the process of choosing your best colors, using your hair, eye and skin colors. My most flattering colors were determined as ULTRAMARINE BLUE / MIMOSA YELLOW / STRAWBERRY PINK / BEAVER BROWN. (That last one doesn’t sound as splendorous as the others, but the color is dreamy.)

Some of the gorgeous fabrics

Then you select your dress silhouette and fabric. Choosing the fabric is really fun, as you can “see” your dress taking shape. I gravitate toward neutrals, and blues, and solids, and a looser silhouette. So in the spirit of a new adventure, I chose a deep pink print, and a fitted sheath, with short sleeves and a V-neck.

Finally, you enter lots of measurements; I always add a little “ease” because I prefer a body-skimming fit to body-con. And your custom dress will arrive about three weeks later. And you will love it.

Accessorized with chunky faux pearls (similar) and thrifted silver wedge sandals (sim).

I am usually a tightwad  – except for trips to NYC – but sometimes we can luxuriate in the opposite direction. It’s like singing – you have to reach low and relax to sing high notes; it’s a paradox. Yes, these dresses are pricey at about $500, but they make a delightful splurge for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any happy moment when you want fortune on your side.

My PIOL dress fits perfectly, and feels substantial and silky and drapey. It makes me walk taller and curse less (Heck yeah, I’m a lady!). Customer service was outstanding – fast and responsive and professional. I’m sending a big thanks to PIOL for the opportunity to work with them and for the stunning dress.

And a special offer for you: If you’d like to own a bespoke dress, just go to the PIOL site and walk though the selections. Then insert VN315 into the box that says PROMOTIONAL CODE at the Final Checkout Page – and you’ll receive $100 off the dress price.

Stay fabulous,

Disclosures: I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer campaign for PIOL Dress. I have received complimentary product for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are completely my own. I am in no way affiliated with PIOL Dress and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

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