A Jumpsuit After 40? Visible Women Say Yes

The jumpsuit has made its Renaissance on the style scene, starting about two years ago. It’s still a pleasing option for any age Visible Woman. I only have owned one, and I really do enjoy the simplicity of just pulling it on, adding a few accessories, and heading out for adventures.

The most common complaint I have heard about them by far is the restroom issue. My stretchy knit jumpsuit doesn’t really take any more time to get in and out of than, say, a pair of fitted jeans with a belt. Of course, if you add a blazer or cardigan over your jumpsuit, that does complicate matters a bit. Maybe we could just cut down on fluids for a few hours : >

As per always, the fabulous women of Visible Monday offer lots of inspiration on how to rock a jumpsuit, at any age. Please let me know if you like these styles, and if you have styled a jumpsuit yourself.  And always wear what you love, so you can feel as awesome as you truly are.


Easy-fit denim, cropped, please: Diane of Di-Alog looks terrific in her easy fitting, off-the-shoulder denim jumpsuit. I love that she added some height with wedge sandals, and some color with a pink purse and scarf.



Try an unexpected animal print: Jacqui of Mummabstylish chose a more fitted, but not tight, jumpsuit in a modern snake print. She looks relaxed and pulled together, and, like Diane, added some shots of color with her accessories.

Casual, cool and fun: Claire of Claire Justine is enjoying a fun family day out, in a lightweight spaghetti strap jumpsuit. I love that she’s wearing funky white sneakers. And I am wondering what is served at the Wonderland Cafรฉ  ๐Ÿ™‚



Wear a jumpsuit to work: Rena of Fine, Whatever is creating new ways to style this floral jumpsuit. Go to her blog post to see all she’s done with it. Below is a great look for the office, polished up with a long vest, and oxford heels. And fabulous hair.

Go classic with a twist: Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb is wearing a classic denim jumpsuit, fashioned after this style of a worker’s coveralls. Naturally, she has added a kick with a fab leopard belt, funky shoes, and a singular red bag.

2017-08-07 Not Dressed As Lamb x001


Stay fabulous, and wear what you love,


Some jumpsuits and related beauties to browse:

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  1. I really like that first denim jumpsuit. I have owned a few jumpsuits over the years, am now down to two. I have a hard time finding ones that are long enough through the torso. I don’t mind the extra time it takes to go to the washroom, but as Mel pointed out, I hate when your clothes end up on the bathroom floor.

  2. Di Alog is especially darling in her denim eithpink bandana accessories. What a cutie!!
    I’m inspired to revisit my two denim jumpsuits as well!

  3. These women look great in their jumpsuits. They are the easiest thing to throw on. And, really, bathroom-ability (yes, thanks, Sheila!) is no more challenging than wearing palazzo pants. The trickiest thing for me is to keep my garments off the floor.

  4. I love these looks. However, I am too petite ( 5′, abt 105 lbs.), short-waisted, short-limbed and have no shoulders, thin but curvy. I wear the look through monochrome looks. Black or indigo cotton, linen and silk with no pattern but great accessories is my choice. No amount of alterations can eliminate sag-bum on me! Also, I am nearly 56 and so many of the looks are… provocative or too youthful. My daughter ( 5’9 and even more curvy) feels the same way.

  5. I have been leery of the jumpsuit bandwagon since it started up again, as I have photographic evidence of last time I owned one (it wasn’t pretty). However, I found a glorious yellowy-olive one in the thrift store, and I’m going to style it for my Friday look this week. I tested it for “bathroom-ability” and it passed!

    These are awesome looks, all these fab ladies. I love the first one so much.

    • Can’t wait to see your new-to-you jumpsuit, S. And LOL’ing @ “bathroom-ability.” xox

  6. I adore jumpsuits! I have too many to count ๐Ÿ™‚ My latest obsession is the denim jumpsuit for fall…and it looks like those 90’s baby tees are making a comeback to layer under all our transitional jumpsuits! Also on my mind is hemming my wide leg black jumpsuit to an above the ankle length to wear with all the fabulous mules and booties this fall..whatcha think?

    • love the ankle-and-cropped hemlines Suzanne! You always look splendid in your JS’s xo

  7. I love a jumpsuit, but haven’t found one the right one for me yet. I will persevere, though, especially now that I’ve read Suzanne’s comment saying they are elongating on
    a short body. I quite like the look of Catherine’s denim one. xxx

  8. Love that first denim jumpsuit.

    I own quite a few jumpsuits. I find them elongating on my short body.


  9. Nope, haven’t worn a jumpsuit since 1977. I’m forever scarred by the “bathroom versus jumpsuit while at a concert” debacle of that year.

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