Why I Like Instagram

My gorgeous and gracious friend, Judith of Style Crone, was the first to introduce me to Instagram, almost two years ago. She took our picture at lunch and immediately posted it right there on her phone. So cool.

I didn’t do anything about it though, being a procrastinator and we-fear-change and all that. Then my equally gorgeous and vibrant friend, Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo (now offering some of her vintage treasures for sale, check it out), advised me that I needed to get with it. So I got with it, finally, last month. And I really enjoy it.

Here’s why:

  • It’s present and spontaneous.
  • I get glimpses of the lives of some stylish, fascinating people.
  • And likewise, I can let my friends know a little more about me.
  • It’s easy to use and comment on. All the commenting is done the same way as opposed to blogs which have a variety of commenting software.
  • I can read it while waiting for my wine to arrive, or sitting (as a passenger!) in traffic, or all snuggled in my bed. No “real” computer is needed, just a smart phone.
  • Pictures do tell a story in a more immediate way than text. I am an avid reader, but love a good visual story too.
  • The filters are big fun, especially the ones that give your pictures a vintage feel.
  • Kittens. Say no more.

And here are a few of the fabulous feeds I’m following, in addition to Suzanne‘s and Judith‘s:

Bag And A Beret. It’s a gosh-darn avant-garde fashion show everyday with this one, I tell you. Mel is a treasure.

Anne Bray. My artist friend takes amazing pictures, including of her own brilliant sketches.

9.14.16 #selfiesketch #fashionsketch

A photo posted by anne m bray (@annembray) on

Fake Fabulous. I want all of Sam’s outfits in my closet.

Artful City Style. Her hair! And fabulous New York City vibe.


Spashionista. My friend Alicia who combines style and activism.

The Silver Stylist. Her hair!

// “EASING INTO AUTUMN”🍁🌰🍂🍁🌰 (Link in Profile)

A photo posted by Lisa Hale (@thesilverstylist) on

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any stretch: you can see who I’m following here.

Please follow me, if you like, at my Instagram account. And use the comments below to shout out your own feed. We can all be Visible!

Stay fabulous,

Browse the fab pieces worn by these stylish women:


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  1. I’m also a late comer to Instagram, Patti. I’m finding it’s fabulous for finding amazing people and then connecting to their blogs – if they have one! (It’s also great when the internet has a go slow and much more fun checking Instagram pics than watching that wretched thing spinning round and round!). On the negative side, I’ve found amazing women who have no blog and no further information about them or their lives than the photo I’m looking at – and it’s small! – I do love to be able to have the big picture option! And I love stories! I do understand it’s so much quicker than blogging which takes time and thought. For me, Instagram is a great link to my blog but interestingly, the women I’ve met on my blog found me through other blogs and fabulous links like Visible Monday and Hat Attack on lovely Judith’s blog. However, like you (and your great photo of your man about to enter the bridal wear shop), I will probably start adding snaps of things I see during the day from time to time.
    I think it could become a little addictive maybe… xx

  2. Aw, thanks for the mention, Patti!
    Early adopter here — 2011 (6573 posts to date).
    What one gets with my IG is the total picture (har har). Art projects, food, the cat, the boyfriend, plus the fashion.

  3. I love Instagram, too! It’s by far my favorite social media platform! I love that liking and commenting is simple and that I can do it when I have a few extra minutes. I also like it when I get to see some “behind-the-scenes” photos that don’t make it into blog posts.

  4. I also was late to the party for IG but have learned to love it. I prefer it over FB or Twitter for sure now.

    Thanks for the shout-outs! : )


  5. Patti….thank you for the mention!!!
    I am so chuffed :oD
    You are very kind.
    I was not following two of these ladies, something I am fixing now!
    I love instagram too… so much inspiration and so much LESS moaning or boasting than Facebook :oP
    Thank you again Patti.

  6. Read your post on my email account and none of your photos shows up. Just blank gray boxes. I had to click on your blog link to see your pics.

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  7. Oo, I don’t think I was following you Patti, I will rectify that right now! Thanks for those other accounts too, I love discovering new Instagram people to follow. I love Instagram also, it is indeed very quick and easy to both view and participate!
    Have a super weekend x
    P.S. my Instagram is @porcelinasworld

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