Which Retailers Capture Your Personal Style?

Well, for sure my go-to shops aren’t residing on Rodeo Drive.

I guess you all know I am a devout thrifter and second-hand shopping woman. I have become so accustomed to hunting through racks for my outfits, and paying less-than-lunch, that I sometimes struggle paying full price at retail stores. I do enjoy looking at all the shiny new things, and I get ideas that fit with my personal style. Then I am more inspired to shop for those pieces at the thrifts.

My favorite thrift and consignment brands include Trina Turk, James Perse, Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen (sigh), and other names I can’t afford to buy full-price. I even have a magnificent Giorgio Armani pantsuit I bought at Molly Mutt for only $100, and I’m dazzled by the expert tailoring and quality. I need to wear it more than once a year!

Of course, I also buy retail, for things like undergarments, sleepwear and hosiery. And when I see something fabulous that really speaks to me. Sometimes we can spot a piece in a retail store that will fill a wardrobe hole, or multiply our outfits, or gosh darn it, we just love it soooo much.

graphic sweater

I fell for this graphic sweater, and ordered it online from Nordstrom (similar). No regrets.


floral booties

And these floral booties were a retail must-have; I could not wait for them to hit the thrifts!


The retail brands that tempt me most, and that best match my slightly boho, casual, vintage-y personal style include: Anthropologie, Karina, Modcloth and Lands End Canvas (you need to check Canvas out – they’re the more modern, edgy division of Lands End proper). These shops are also in my price range, especially when on sale.

What are your shops of choice, that always seem to have that one something you need in your closet?

Some favorites from my go-to retailers:


Stay fabulous,

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  1. Most of my wardrobe is secondhand, but I will splurge on retail pieces from a cool store here in London that is owned by two women I’ve known for about 30 years. They carry funky pieces from smaller designers and great shoes by Fly, AS98, etc. I don’t shop online, and don’t even bother to look in any other new stores because I know I won’t find things that fit my body, or my personality.

  2. I love that graphic sweater and those floral boots are just amazing! I find it really hard to pay UK High Street prices, but do occasionally. There’s a great boutique in Hove, which I try and avoid as it has designer prices but the clothes are just stunning – might do a blog about one outfit I got there! What I like about thrifting in our charity shops is that you can find quality clothes and my best finds are outfits by Karen Millen. The cut of her clothes is so good, and you can find her clothes in charity shops – if you look! Have a great weekend x

    • I’ve had a couple of Karen Millen pieces too, and they’re incredibly well made! Thanks for coming by. xo

  3. well, your graphic sweater is amazing, and it fits you like a dream!, and floral booties are too appealing to let them in the shop!
    I buy some ítems at retail brands, but I always wait for a clearance or sale!. And I like to visit some local little shops, and chat for a while (well, that’s the way we life in my city: slow-life style!).

    • Oh yes, Lucky Brand has some great refined boho – I look you and I both love. xo

  4. I have almost the exact same taste as you ( no surprise there ) for what little retail shopping I do. I have to head over to Lands End Canvas and check it out.

    I am sometimes swayed a bit by TopShop. As much as I hate to admit it.


    • Oh yeah, TopShop has some good-looking stuff. I would actually like to shop in your closet : >

  5. I love those oxfords. (I’ve worn my Doc Martens oxfords almost everyday for years.) I wonder how Walmart’s purchase of ModCloth will affect the brand.

  6. I know what you mean and those booties are TDF. I am always on the hunt for a steal and JC Penney is a regular stop for me these days with the 10 off 10 coupon and 20% at the clearance rack.

    • oh and Missoni…but very hard to find. Did end up getting two vintage Missoni dresses on Etsy though.

    • I like Free People a lot too – will have to investigate Save the Queen! xo

  7. I love the Loft because they have two cuts of jeans–for a slim-hipped figure and a curvy one. It’s the only place I find jeans that fit off the rack.

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