Which High-End Designer Could Fill Your Closet?

Which high-end designer would you choose to fill your closet? Still sheltering-at-home, we’re playing with fashion today. Wishing and eye-balling and identifying our style crushes. These choices won’t be for-real, for most of us. None of my acquaintances has a high-end designer wardrobe, unless it’s you? 😊 I own one amazing Giorgio Armani black pantsuit, the real deal. I found it at a thrift store, yeah, for $100 new with tags. So for the moment Giorgio is the only H.E.D. in my closet.

The most relaxing way I’ve found to study designers’ collections is via the New York Times slide shows. There’s a slide show for every designer who presented a runway collection, in this case for Fall 2020, but who cares about the season? We’ll be looking for pieces that shout “Pick me! (if you have a lot of $$$ to spare).” Colors, silhouettes, prints and fabrics and harmonies – they all go into the mix of creating something we love.

I live a super-casual lifestyle – and not just for this terrible pandemic moment in history, where Normcore is my game. In “normal” times I reach for jeans, denim skirts, knit tops, simple dresses, and funky shoes. So all the more’s the fantasy of high-end design, but I’m going to go with my aesthetic instincts. And I’ll try to find a designer or two who can cover my loungewear needs. 😊

Tory Burch is invited to make my dresses. Her clothes embody a charming, feminine style that’s wearable and perfectly cut. Ms. Burch is an American designer who first appeared on the scene about 15 years ago.

I adore this cheerful print and the modest-yet-sexy vibe of the dress. Ruffles done perfectly.
A simply-cut dress in a slim, flattering fit. Great length and the velvet topper is smashing. Easy to wear and boho-luxe.

Chloe is a luxury brand with a long history of creative directors, including Stella McCartney in the late 90’s. The pieces are free-spirited and uninhibited. The company founder’s vision was “to give women the freedom to dare to be themselves.” Chloe can whip up all my jeans, skirts, and blouses.

Huge “yeah” to this asymmetrical wrap skirt; I’d wear it today. Wonderful bag and boots too.
OK, this one is my dream dress, to wear when I want to feel like a fashion goddess.

Altuzarra. I find their collections feminine, modern and a little sexy. It’s a modern brand, founded by Parisian Joseph Altuzarra.

Every woman needs one suit. Why not a vibrant red version with a slouchy yet refined cut?
This dress is sexy and works for all ages and sizes. The wide portrait neckline is divine. It could be my Little Navy Dress for any important occasion.

For accessories, I have to go with Prada. Why not? Love, love the shoes and bags in this collection.

I need these adorable sandals and that tote. And this handbag. That is all. 😊

Honorable Mention: Jil Sander. Her minimalist, edited styles are perpetual favorites of mine.

It’s the only evening dress I need.
I could shelter at home all day in this. Does it come in jersey?

Back to real life: the name on a label matters not at all. The high end designer collections are wonderful inspiration, and great style is found at second-hand stores and in your own closet right now. Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these goodies:

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  1. It as hard to come by knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

  2. It is not acceptable just to think up with an important point these days. You have to put serious work in to exciting the idea properly and making certain all of the plan is understood.

  3. I could see you in any of these designers, Patti. How excellent that you thrifted that Armani pantsuit. I like the boldness of Gucci, but I also love Chloe. There are a few designers I like but I don’t even know their names. Pfff. I enjoy the NYT fashion slides too.

  4. Ooh, I love it! I am also a Chloe fan, Patti. I would also go for Dries Van Noten (love his use of fabrics, and his slouchy and asymmetrical cuts), Etro (amazing fabrics), and Alexander McQueen (lifetime stuff only; for the fabulousness!).

    • Hi Sheila! Yeah, I almost put McQueen on my list because of the fabulousness. And yes to Etro fabrications too. xo

  5. Patti, this is exactly why I started sewing my own clothing! I WANT what i see on those darn runways! LOL! I have a skirt I am making right now which is Johanna Ortiz inspired…I love vivienne westwood’s victorian riff, and betsy johnson’s girlie style, and galliano must be one of my most favorites…

    • Hello Eva – you’ve got wonderful artistic tastes! And yes, sewing your own beats retail, any day. Also heart Betsey Johnson – she’s close to my age and eternally youthful. xo

  6. Love these! I’d go for Carolina Herrera, especially the clothes she wears herself. Crisp white shirt with a full skirt that has pockets. I also like Donna Karan’s personal style.
    For runway collections, Ralph Lauren usually. Boring classics are my jam. Céline under Phoebe Philo. Eileen Fisher.
    Right now I am wearing striped knit pants that are a cross between dress pants and sweat pants, rejected by my daughter, plus a sweater that is more than two decades old. Not high-end designer by a long shot.

    • Yes, yes to Carolina Herrera, her style is impeccable. Likewise Donna Karan. Your shelter-at-home outfit of the day sounds similar to my own (shocked!) : > Stay well, xo.

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