Three Fictional Characters Whose Closets I Want To Raid

Style inspiration arrives from all corners, right? My fellow bloggers are the most relied-upon stylists I choose to copy, or at least borrow from. Streetwear and the occasional lady-mag provide ideas, and of course Pinterest – the latest and greatest time-sucker on the internets – brings ideas from all over the world to our screens.

Women from television and film have also inspired me with their style. From Mary Tyler Moore and Ally McBeal to the non-fictional gorgeous young Queen Elizabeth II of The Crown, to the singular Victoria from the BBC series. I can’t dress like Victoria does, but her “everyday dresses” are sublime. Oh, to roam in her closets.

Love the color, the crisp off the shoulder neckline, and of course the teeny-tiny waist.

Here are a few other closets I’d like to play in, and I’d love to hear your own inspirations: 

Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. She is a dish in 1920’s Australia, with chic bobbed hair, red lips and the most sumptuous lounging-around-the-house outfits ever. She’s never seen looking anything short of smashing, and I feel shame as I type this in my husband’s gym pants and striped socks. What we can translate from Miss Fisher’s closets to our own: flowy kimonos, long lines, midi length skirts, and a warehouse of fabulous hats.

Scarlet over a column of ivory, and attention paid to every accessory.


The long silk topper, scarf, hat and those gloves!


Fay Dunaway as Bonnie, in the 1967 movie. She’s complete perfection in her beret, skinny knit blouses and silk squares. I need that just below-the-knee skirt, and Warren Beatty looks fine too.

They were so bad but looked so good.

Jessica Jones, the Marvel superhero. Ha! From the sublime to a gritty, Lower East Side uniform. Jessica does this rough and tough look well, always gorgeous while projecting an air of “I couldn’t care less how I look.” I’m not super-hero enough to pull off the tank top, skintight jeans and leather jacket look, but she’s inspired me to simplify and wear the same outfit two days in a row.

That jacket is real leather, uh-huh. Love the fingerless gloves too, so I can text while I save Manhattan from the evil-doers.

Stay fabulous and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some pieces to browse that might strike a spark:

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  1. It as not that I want to duplicate your web site, but I really like the layout. Could you let me know which theme are you using? Or was it tailor made?

  2. Such a cute post, Patti! There are so many fictional closets I would want to raid…Definitely Carrie Bradshaw and Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink and Mary Tyler Moore and Donna Reed and Holly Golightly and all the people in The Devil Wears Prada and I could probably go on and on. But I do have to say also that I am pretty content with my own closet. I am spoiled with a closet room which houses my overabundance of all things fashion. No individual piece exorbitantly expensive, but all mine with my own little twist!


  3. Miss Fisher is always a favourite, I was fortunate to see an exhibition of her costumes at Rippon Lea in Melbourne a couple of years ago- I would have worn many of them in a heartbeat.

    • How great to see her costumes in person. And same, I’d wear them in a hot minute, then have coffee with my handsome detective friend : >

  4. I love the women/ looks you’veouve chosen here Patti. These are all women of confidence, power, beauty, and ” gonads”. I like that too!

    • thanks Jude. Well, Bonnie was a cold-blooded killer but the movie costumes are still the bomb. xo

  5. Jessica Jones, oh yeah, but I’d want her special powers too. Any period BBC miniseries, divine. Ms Dunaway’s style, in a heartbeat. This is one of those wishes that you ask for when the genie finally gets around to your house.

  6. I am such a huge fan of Miss Fisher.

    I think part of the reason I enjoy watch period pieces so much is for the fashion as much as the story.

    Of course that photo of Fay Dunaway is such a classic and has inspired me many times over. Every time I put mine together though I don’t remotely look like her. Ha!


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