The Best Moments Of Your Week?


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I’m working on adding joy to my days and being more conscious of it. Turning 60 has brought an awareness that this is not a forever ride, this life thing. So many milestones have passed – and I’m Not Dead Yet – but it’s not likely that I’ll become Secretary of State or a ballerina, or a grandmother. I do hope to sing on stage, though.

There is a lot to savor in the so-called small things. The big things are good health, a happy marriage and enough bucks to pay the bills. I am mindful of how fortunate I’ve been in the big things. This past week I had some small Moments of Zen, when life felt extra good. All simple and free or cheap. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments.


  • A slice of pizza with pineapple, a glass of red wine, and my new novel (The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith, excellent), all enjoyed alone at the outdoor pizza place down the street. They fill my wine to the top of the cup. Sandy was at orchestra rehearsal – I’m very proud of him.




  • Meeting my friends’ new puppy and getting a face lick. And my mother’s cat Darla getting a loving home. That’s two things, but both fur-related.



Sweet little Darla found a good home with the kindest woman.


  • Hitting A5 without screeching in my singing practice. I haven’t managed to do it at my actual lessons, though, so there’s something to look forward to. The following beautiful performance is a goal, not yet a reality. She slays that A5:



What about you? What were your moments of Zen this week?


Stay fabulous,


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  1. It’s so true that paying attention to the small everyday things which add value and contentment is the key to happiness. Well done to both you and Sandy for your musical adventures and successes, hope Darla enjoys her new home, and pizzza, wine and a good book are always welcome!
    As for me, belly laughing with Vix and Tania made my week – I never underestimate the power of friends and laughter! xxx

  2. It’s wonderful that you both have a connection with music, which I think really can “soothe the savage beast” when needed. I have had a few brief moments of zen this week that all involved furry critters – I wish I could be as “in the moment” as they are, which I think is the key to a positive outlook.

  3. Cats always make the day… I wish I had one. My zen moment? Maybe in December, after the busy period at work is finally over. For now, waiting to board a plane, maybe a glass of wine…

  4. Life’s so short and it’s easy to rejoice in the little things that make it so worthwhile.
    I’m delighted Darla has a new home and that Sandy has recovered and wine and pizza are always great.
    I’ve meet some wonderful women in the last week, there’s some excellent TV on the box and India isn’t far away now. xxx

    • thank you Vix for all your good wishes. Wine and pizza are truly great together, aren’t they (hungry now). We’re watching The Last Kingdom, about the Vikings vs the Anglo-Saxons. It’s no Peaky Blinders, but it is good. xox

  5. It’s wonderful that you and Sandy are both stretching your musical chops – do you make music together? I had a very un-Zenlike day yesterday when I let things at work get to me. But I’m leaving that temp job in 19 days and going back to trying my luck at freelance editing (can I get a hallelujah!). My zen moments are when I look up at the amazing technicolor maple trees as I walk in to work – bright orange, yellow and red with blue sky behind – a gentle fire to warm my soul.

    • The sight of the Fall trees – it is so glorious. I would like to make music together, Sandy is the hesitant one bc it’s hard to transpose his horn music to my range. I haven’t given up. xox

  6. Making the small moments count is what separates the happy from the those that merely exist.

    A pug on my lap in front of the fire on a cool fall evening, moments lost in creative bliss both do it for me.

    You two are both so musically inclined.

    Great reflective post!


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