Street Styles And Trends From Downtown NYC

Here’s my semi-annual report on street styles in NYC. Well, downtown NYC; no Park Avenue or Bergdorf’s here, although there’s nothing wrong with those uptown styles. I only went above 14th Street once, for a vocal lesson, and my teacher was wearing shorts and a tee (artists, you know). Downtown styles are more of-the-moment and youthful and casual. I observed some translatable trends for us over-40 stylistas.



  • Sneakers/trainers, on any age and with skirts as well as shorts/jeans. This trend is a joy for me to see as it recognizes that comfort counts. NY is a walking city, through and through, and the sidewalks are hard. Give me a couple pairs of high or low end sneakers and I am pretty well covered. Although I still saw sky-high heels, many of the young women agree:



It takes confidence! She pulls it off. Source



Working the maxi and the sneakers trend. Source.


  • Loose and asymmetrical tops for days and nights out. I think this trend is nearing its end for those who follow such dictates, but I’ll keep doing it because I love the look. The looser shapes are cooler for the summer, and the open necklines are perfect for art-necklaces.



An easy tee with an easy topper. Great look, and for me – add a knee length skirt : > Source


  • Maxi dresses! So many more than last summer’s trip, when short summer dresses ruled. I saw lots of floral and print dresses/skirts, worn with sneakers or platform sandals, summery bags and a few Boho rings. I don’t feel comfortable in a slinky halter dress, even if it’s to my ankles, but I love a maxi with a deep v-neck.



I’m crazy for this print retro dress. And those earrings. Source



She looks cool and confident. I’d wear this dress today. Source.


  • And not for me, but I saw dozens of adorable rompers in florals and prints. Mostly on the New York University women who study in the park. So fresh and pretty and youthful, and a lovely summer sight.



A sweet “dressy” romper and some fab jewelry. Source.



A colorful romper and dog with a great face. Source.


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  1. I used to live in the East Village, haven’t been back in almost ten years now so am always interested in what’s going on in NY style wise! I think sneakers will always be in style there – I remember how filthy my feet got with sandals! I think NY is its own entity, seems to have its own unique twist on whatever is going on in fashion. Love the pics, great post! Maxis aren’t as prevalent as they were in the U.K. , I really like the long sleeved ones featured here. 🙂

  2. Love the looks; I agree with the need for longer lengths on some of the styles; otherwise, I would feel comfortable wearing any of the ensembles on my 70+ aged bod…

    • thanks Ally. It is fascinating to me to see all the trends come together, and then some more. xo

  3. I’ve been wearing my converse with dresses in the summer for years, and I love the tulle skirt with the hot pink trainers. The maxi dresses are lovely, but not practical if you are getting on and off public transit and then sitting in an office chair at work. Still wayyyyy better summer style than the leggings and tank tops that are worn ad nauseum here. Sorry I won’t be able to see you when you’re in Toronto – I’m going to be there on Tuesday this week, and I can’t get back again to see you!

  4. Make sure you push record when you get down to singing in TO. Hahaha!! And now you can say, Oh yes, when I was studying with my vocal master in New York…” I love these looks. I won’t do the romper – I don’t think I ever did. I love seeing your take on what’s On in NY, Patti.

  5. That dog’s face is so cute!
    Jodie made an interesting point, do women in NY dress differently to the women in Florida? Whilst the internet seems to have homogenised fashion in general I do see micro trends when we trade in different cities around the UK. xxx

    • I do think money, youth, and social savvy make NYC more fashionable than where I live! Finding “micro trends” is great fun.

  6. I love the maxis you’ve showcased.

    I am impressed that you went for singing lessons while away! Should I be locating a vocal coach for you while you are here? ; P


  7. When I saw maxidress, I thought, oh, those don’t work for me, not because I’m short but because I want to cover my arms and chest from the sun, and having a long skirt with a covered top in the summer starts to recall Little House on the Prairie. But that woman in the reddish dress and white sneakers in particular shows how wrong I am. Did you ask her where her dress is from? MERCI for changing my attitude!!!

  8. How fun Patti!!
    My mom used to always say that the trends started on the coasts (New York & California) and worked their way inward. Do you still think that’s true? I almost feel like with the internet, online shopping and blogs, that the styles are the same everywhere?
    Is what you saw in New York, that different than where you live?

    • Great questions, Jodie. NYC style is definitely more trendy than my small home city. The population in NYC skews much younger too (Florida is “God’s waiting room”, some say). But NYC style is prob very similar to Chicago, LA, London – all the great cities. xox

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