Squeak Out A Smile; Visible Monday Reminder

You have heard the old wive’s tale about how “bad things happen in threes” (debunked here). I am not superstitious in any way, but sometimes you’ve got to go with the ancient wisdom, and still squeak out a smile.

Breaking my wrist was bad thing number one.Β  I am recovering according to schedule, and as a side benefit, I now have a fierce left arm. I still can’t play the piano, and I couldn’t play it before. πŸ™‚Β  Number two: this week, our car wouldn’t start. My heroic husband took care of that right away, and no harm done except to the credit card. The next day a fresh tragedy: my beloved iMac crashed, and the computer repair guys said “This baby is dead”.


There is no joy in Mac-ville.

I know, I know, all first world problems. We get spoiled having things go smoothly most of the time, and we take our easy daily routines for granted. Missing my computer is the hardest of these three inconveniences because my iMac really knows me (too creepy?). I’m using my husband’s computer now to compose this post, but his computer doesn’t get me and all my quirks.

Please pardon all the complaining and whining, that’s not how I usually roll. Life is still good, I am drawing happiness from all your kind comments, and the coffee still tastes great in the morning. Lots of reasons to squeak out a smile.


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  1. I love the smiling pitbull and those little ratties! I don’t think that breaking your wrist is a “first world problem”, but I’m glad it’s healing well. I’m sorry your computer bit the dust. We do become quite attached to our electronics if we use them regularly (I love my iMac too) and I’m hoping I get a few more years out of mine. You’ll have a new computer trained in no time!

  2. We need the reminder of “first world” problems more often I think! I’d never actually seen that phrasing before Patti!
    I hope this finds your wrist mending well and without pain. O
    Perhaps you’ll find that the new lefty- dextrous skills will serve you after this is all over! πŸ™‚
    I really enjoy your even keeled attitude Patti. It’s inspiring!

  3. You’ve certainly had your share of bad luck, Patti, but now that you’ve got those three out of the way (as a manner of speaking) surely you’ll get a break and some good luck will come your way. Hopefully also in threes! I fully understand you not agreeing with your husband’s computer. I had to work on my husband’s for a while, and oh how I cursed that thing! Sending you lots of love from Belgium xxx

    • thank you Ann! You do know about using the husband’s computer then — nothing is where it should be : > xo

  4. Now that you’ve got this mulitple behind you, it should be smooth sailing for a long, long time. And your new mac and you will be sweethearts before you know it. The old one will wish s/he had tried harder. I’m glad your healing is on schedule and there’s always hot coffee on tap.

  5. Despite all the brainy, scientific evidence to the contrary, bad things DO come in threes. All of the old wives collectively spit in science’s eye, lol! I had three within the last week as well. All three had more hundred dollar bills than I care to think about “flying out of my ass” ! On the bright side, all three were fixable and it wasn’t thousand dollar bills “flying out of my ass”! Here’s hoping you get a new Mac and that y’all become best friends that “get” each other!

    • LOL at all those bills flying out of our respective asses : > Sorry you had a rough go. xo

  6. Well, think about this: bad luck may indeed seem to come in 3s, but blessings come without end – we just have to stop to remember who and what those blessings are, right ? Hugs from E.TX – am glad your arm is healing in a timely manner, without hitches and glitches.

  7. With the right mindset (and perhaps with a little–sometimes a lot–of time/distance from the event), these life speed bumps can teach us a lot about gratitude. Yay, left hand! Yay, available resources to deal with a problem! Yay, folks with whom you can share your pain and aggravation.

  8. Oh my! That sucks!

    I hope things start to improve now for you.

    On the last day Robert was here we went out to the car to go for a picnic, packed and ready with the pug and one tire was totally flat. The tire had split down the middle! Our car is only 6 years old but we had to change all of the tires. Bye bye $1600 and so much for our last day picnic.

    What can you do? Just gotta deal with it and move on. I hope your new Mac gets you too.


    • oh sorry about your no-picnic! bummer. you’re so right, gotta deal. I had a terrific patient that used to say, “Remember, $100 bills do not come flying out of your ass.” xox

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