Beauty: Where Is My Miracle?; Vis Monday Reminder

One of the benefits of growing older, besides the obvious that we are still here, is that we no longer fall for crazy beauty advertising hype. When I was a teen and in my 20’s, I would rip pages out of Glamour magazine and take them to the store to buy the next miracle product that would clear up in my skin, make my fuzzy hair smooth as silk, and get rid of my juvenile cellulite.


I’m sure it’s a very nice cream, but this actress is 40+, not 22.

After age 50, we know there is no miracle out there, at least nothing that’s sold through a magazine or over-the-counter. The celebrities who are 60 and look 40 aren’t using anything you and I can buy on They’re seeing their dermatologists and plastic surgeons on a regular basis, for neurotoxins, fillers, lasers, and some things we’ve never heard of. And of course, Photoshop. I’m not criticizing those women, do what feels right for you, but don’t say it’s because you drink 25 glasses of water a day.  : >

There are still some easily-found products, however, that do make a real difference. For me, those are Retin-A, proven to actually improve your skin’s surface and, and minoxidil (generic for Rogaine) which does grow back some baby hairs at my temples. Of course, sunscreen of 30 SPF+ plus is a daily habit, especially since I live where the sun always shines.

miracle cream

This is good stuff, it goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave a film.

What products do you swear by, that have made a real difference in your skin and or hair? I would love to hear your answers in the comments, and I’ll do a future post featuring your recommendations.
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Here’s some non-miracle-but-good beauty enhancers to browse through:

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  1. Hi Patti, i just began using a Retin-A product this year, and get treointin from my doc. i have noticed a difference in fine lines. i agree, I don’t go for marketing hype! There are so many products that claim to do everything. i was introduced to NCN skincare, where i tried the Retin-A product as well as a Vit C serum. I really loved it and the product packaging was very clinical, so not fancy marketing there!
    I had my first facial in Taos, last year at the Spa and would like to get it done again.
    jess xx

  2. I switch skincare products all the time, depending on the weather and how my skin is behaving. I love the whole Skinceuticals line (especially the C+Ferulic acid and the Resveratrol serum). Having regular facials makes a big difference, but for me, the biggest difference is diet, not any product. My skin improved drastically when I cut out all sugar and all flour and started eating a huge salad (8-10 ounces) after dinner every night. Hard to do, but the results are amazing.

    • you’re very disciplined, good for you on the healthy eating! I’ve only had one facial in my life, but I do have one scheduled for next week. xo

  3. I’m quite a product hopper when it comes to skincare, but I’m swearing by my hairdresser-recommended shampoo and conditioner from Mediceuticals, which seems to do wonders for my menopausal hair! xxx

  4. The products of Dr. A.Denese are VERY good. She is a dermatologist in New York City sho sells her products on QVC. They are not cheap but if you use the
    “Easy Pay” option you can spread the payments out over months without a finance charge. I’ve used the facial firming pads, hydrosheild moisturizing serum, and the triple strength moisturizers for several years. Her products are available elsewhere but QVC offers the best prices especially with the easy pay option.

  5. If all the anti aging products really worked like they say they’re supposed to I should look about 16 right now! Seriously,I use so many products that are supposed to take 10 years off if they all worked collectively I should be getting carded when I order wine!

  6. Hooray for you for being honest about it! I’ve been using Olay as long as I can remember and I swear by it! I’ve graduated up which Olay as I’ve aged. Now I use the 7 signs w/SPF during the day and the Regenerist nighttime at night. Great stuff! I also LOVE St. Ives apricot scrub. I use it 3 – 4 x’s a week in the morning. Its amazing on my skin and crazy affordable!

    • I have heard great things about that scrub! And they carry it at the dollar store, who can resist? xo

  7. Well I’m not sure if it is working on me but I buy Snoxin regularly to put around my eyes and mouth. It is full of peptides.

    I also use Oil of Olay 7 Signs cream and sunscreen.

    The last BBL treatment turned me into a Cabbage Patch Kid so I won’t be going back for one of those any time soon.


    • Olay makes some good products, agreed. I can’t read the word “Snoxin” without laughing, but I gotta try it. xox

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