NYC Style Round-Up Fall 2016

It’s harder to study fashion in NYC in the late Fall, as most New Yorkers – at least Downtown – are wearing dark jackets, dark jeans and dark boots (there‘s a trend!). But I still have a style reporting job to do! So I spied a couple of big city trends to bring home for you. Just for fun, of course, as there are no rules about “dressing like New Yorkers”. They have mastered cool, however.

Apart from the Men and Women in Black, I did spot a few trending styles:

Texture. I saw lots of faux fur, faux and real leather, mohair, fuzzy scarves, even feathered scarves to embellish the dark jackets and pea coats (a revival of pea coats, I think). It’s a fun way to add interest to your look, and you’re going to wear a scarf anyway – so why not a faux fur one?


These are models, but I did see a lot of similar fluffy faux fur, even in color. Source.


She’s got all the texture going on. Source.


Once again, not a single flared jean, not even on the NYU campus. I now have a theory about this: flares and wide legs may be too challenging to climb subway steps and run around the city. I saw lots of leggings too, tucked into short boots and looking very smooth. This is all good with me as I haven’t bought a pair of flares just yet. They will certainly be out of trend by the time I doย  ; >


The delightful Shelley of Forest City Fashionista and I are wearing slim boyfriend jeans and – hope you can see them – printed leggings. Oh, and textured scarves too, we are New Yorkers at heart. Adorable doggie belongs to Shelley’s friend.


Long hair – straight or wavy – on women of all ages. There was a serious shortage of pixie cuts and only a couple of man-buns. I didn’t see many curly-girls either – we usually acknowledge each other with a head toss – so straightening irons and blow-outs must be the style routines du jour.


I’m doing the long hair for now. A young woman said to me, “Uh, not many women can rock that look.” Thanks, I think.



I love long hair, curly or straight, on a Woman of a Certain Age. Love it short too.


And not quite street fashion, but a trend nonetheless – prices are up in my favorite thrift stores. The horror! I barely shopped at The Monk, as they had hole-y blouses for $25 and Housing Works, while still a favorite, now starts most things at $25. It’s a great cause, and they deserve the $$$, but I was spoiled by lower prices.

Wear the trends you love, and that feel like you, and stay fabulous,

Browsing the fab NYC looks:

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  1. It was lovely to be able to spend some time with you while we were both in NYC (and it was a sunny day). I found the prices in the thrift stores to be pretty high, and as Suzanne pointed out, Value Village is going to be pricing themselves right out of business (at least my business….). I didn’t notice what typical New Yorkers were wearing just because I spend so much of my time there is spent with extraordinarily stylish women ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. That’s a back-handed compliment! LOL

    I almost fell over the other day at Value Village when I saw a Elie Tahari dress and they wanted $80! Ummm…NOPE. It wasn’t even special. Now I pretty much shop on thrift store sale days, otherwise their prices have gotten out of hand. Even “regular” no-name brand dress are now priced at $25-35. When you consider that they paid nothing for their inventory it is quite ridiculous.


  3. It’s always hard to watch the thrift store prices go up. Anyone remember the days when Goodwill would let you fill a bag for $1? I got so good at cramming things into those bags!

    Longer hair on older women can look great, and yours definitely does! Looks like a fun trip!

  4. Faux fur is definitely all the rage here in London and flared jeans are still taking a back seat to skinnies. I jumped on the flared bandwagon as soon as I heard they were back – two years ago? – but I only wore them once, after remembering the hard way how they trip you up; how you have to wear wedges or high heels.

  5. Fabulous photo of you, Shelley and the cute dog! Good to see some brights (your scarf and the dog’s neckerchief) and gorgeous embroidery (Shelley’s coat) in amongst all that drab looking grey. I bet you both turned heads. x

  6. I have been loving your New York adventure, Patti, and love the fashion trends photos and news but for me, I will never care what is “trending”, and that I may be the only one with a number two hair cut (and flares or other non trenders). A hopeless non conformist, and not a dedicated follower of fashion, that’s me. xx

  7. Great minds Patti! I just did a similar wrap up on NYC from my trip last week. If we are both saying it, it’s time to jump on that fur train! I even saw fur vests with athletic looks – in lieu of a puffer vest of last year. And the denim, totally agree. Skinnies and leather leggings were the everyday uniform. Perhaps the lack of flares is also a result of women wearing flats..I know I prefer my flares with heels. Maybe? I lucked out with my thrifting as my fave store, 2ndTimeAround on Thompson in SoHo, was having a fabulous sale going on and I picked up a few fabulous pieces! But, other thrift stores, I thought the prices were a bit steep!
    Happy to hear you had a fabulous trip!

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