New York City Street Style: What’s Hot And What’s Cool

My favorite activity in NYC, right after thrifting and visiting historic pubs, is style-watch. I didn’t go above 14th Street this visit so we are all about Downtown. The styles are decidedly more casual, urban, and creative in the Villages, so this is my Downtown report on what is Happening Now. Almost certainly, Brooks Brothers shirts, leather flats, and Hermes scarves are seen on the Upper East Side as I write this.

Here’s what impressed me in my gawking:

  • Skinnies and leggings. Everywhere on everyone. Usually with booties or sneakers/Chuck Taylors. If I saw three flared trousers that’s on the high side. This will change, I predict, as more young people re-discover “our” bell bottoms.

PicMonkey Collage2


  • A few print coats stood out in the sea of black and grey. This one’s a stunner.



  • Scarves were not as free-flowing this Fall, and showed more artful styling.
PicMonkey Collage3

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  • I caught a few glimpses of Japanese style minimalism in Soho. I love these clean, structural looks.
PicMonkey Collage4

Source for all: Pinterest Streetstyle


  • Man buns and hipster beards. Everywhere. Sandy is threatening the bun.

PicMonkey Collage
See anything that floats your boat?

Stay fabulous,


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  1. Man bun = just no, not even on the gorgeous hunk who made it popular
    facial hair = yes please ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I loathe the runners-as-everyday-wear look. So sad. Please wear real shoes! I do ADORE that wonderful patterned jacket and matching dress (and real shoes!). I would do that whole look myself!

  3. When I’m in New York I don’t see many stylish folks on the streets, which I found disappointing, but fortunately when I go to the Vintage Show, or other places with the IF’s we seem to attract other uniquely-dressed people, so I do get to see people wearing interesting Vintage and really cool jewellery. I can’t wait for the black legging thing to be over.

  4. I pulled out my Paige boot cuts a few days ago and wore them with semi- tall block heel boots. Forgot how flattering they can be, and how long the legs look. Not seeing them much around here in SF Bay Area…

  5. Other than the printed coat there’s nothing floating my boat here.
    Seems like NY street style is as safe and as mainstream as most of the UK.
    The only way is vintage! xxx

    • Vintage forever! Yes there’s a lot of black and gray in the big city, with a few standouts. You are one! xo

  6. ha, even my 42-year old husband has quite recently grown himself a bit of a beard! I must say I do like it. Buns though, not for me.

    I love reading about nyc! It’s been months since last visit and it already seems too long. Hi from Dubai from a new reader!


  7. Hahaha, I want to see Sandy in a man bun!
    I am not a fan of long hair on a man’s face but I figure it’s good for snacking on leftovers and it provides a refuge for itinerant critters. Not judging, not judging! Heh. Uh-oh, I’m sure if Sandy has a beard it is beautiful and clean!!
    Yes, these are bell-bottoms, not flares! Is there no rebellion left in the world today? I like print coats.

  8. So true about footwear. I always see a handful of very young women in stilettos and my heart goes out to them. I don’t mind the “mun” on select gorgeous young hipsters. But if they’re still wearing them next season, just no. : >

  9. I seriously do not care for the man bun. Do they call it a Mun? Ick.

    Nor am I a fan of facial hair. Some people just call that #lazy.

    I’m not surprised you found quite a few people wearing sneakers there. With all the walking that happens it is the only way to assure happy feet.


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