Marry, Kiss, Or Bury? (Your Clothes)

You have likely heard of the (adolescent) party game of Marry, Kiss, Kill, in which participants are given three celebrity names, and have to tell what they would like to do with each of them. For example: Colin Firth = Kiss for sure, and probably Marry, if Sandy were sucked off the face of the earth by a comet. I don’t like the word “kill” on my blog, so we are going with the more refined “Bury” for the ultimate option.

So this is a silly game, but let’s turn it into a useful wardrobe quiz. What do have or want in your closet that qualifies as a Marry, Kiss, or Bury?

Clearly, the Marry’s are those pieces we want to keep with us, who have been good companions and good sports. The are there when we need them, are flexible and flattering, and we truly don’t want to live (or get dressed) without them.

My “Marry” pieces have to include: my denim jacket, oxford shoes, boyfriend jeans, tulle skirt (yes! it’s six years old and I still wear it all the time), graphic knit tops, my vintage dresses  and red lipstick. I will spend a little more on these and I get my money’s worth. The cost per wear usually gets under $1, that’s always OK with me.


The “Kiss” pieces are trends we have dabbled in, or statement pieces that have a short lifespan, or simply experimental adventures – experimentation is wonderful, and sometimes these Kiss pieces end up getting Married.

I have kissed and flirted with: pattern mixing, short skirts/dresses, statement necklaces, leggings, bright colors, patterned tights, neck scarves add more. These were fun, and right now I am in a lace-blouse phase. But these don’t usually endure so while I enjoy them, I spend less $$. I often buy them at the Molly Mutt Thrift, and then recycle them back when the thrill is gone.


Bury is just what is sounds like, except we mean donate/recycle: these items are just not “you”, never have been and like never will be. When we purge our closets, these are the easiest to toss. In my Bury pile (just mine, yours will vary) go: shorts (except for working out and beach walking), palazzo pants, high heels, stiff button-up shirts, sheer blouses, tight waistlines, and nude pantyhose.

Let’s elevate the old party game and talk about our closets. What are your Marry, Kiss, and Bury pieces? And: Marry Ned Stark or Jon Snow?


Stay fabulous,

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  1. Jon Snow … OMG yes. I’ll marry flowy white shirts, jeans, my black leather jacket, and vintage St. John. And boots … love them. Kiss scarves of any kind – the styles/sizes keep changing so better to play with these and invest elsewhere – and Kit & Ace clothing (obsession last year, this year seems silly). And bury? Agree totally on stiff clothing in general (blouses or jackets or whatever), “mom jeans”, child-labor-produced anything.

  2. Hahaha! Great! Obviously I am a seriously underdeveloped human never having played that game, PLUS, I had to google the Stark and Snow-men. Sad. I am now renewing and severing closet relationships. The experimental pieces are hardest. Sometimes the most boring ones will be just the thing I need with something else to make it come alive. How can I possibly know!!!??? The angst! The Angst!! What if my mood today is all weird and I throw out my favourites of tomorrow?! But for sure, tight-fitting pants, bury. Bleh.

  3. Great witty post! I need to go through a close and honest inspection of my closet and make a list 🙂 But I can tell that anything tight-fitted is a “bury” for me.

  4. Tom Hardy in Taboo. I’m not the marrying kind but a kiss wouldn’t hurt….
    Sportswear worn outside of the gym, fleeces (especially ones with wolves, kittens or dolphins printed on them), jeans, pointy toed shoes, pencil skirts, beige, nude coloured tights, those cold shoulder tops with holes cut out of the sleeves and anything made in a sweatshop – all need to be burnt and the ashes buried 6 feet under! x

  5. Ned Stark for sure. Jon Snow is such a drip!
    Marry: I have a small number of items I’ve hung onto for years, and I wear them a lot. I’d marry any coat that keeps me truly warm in winter. I’d bury all Spanx, uncomfortable underwear, wide and/or flared trousers and square boxy jackets.

  6. What a fun prompt, Patti! I’ll play along. 🙂

    Marry: anything vintage/retro, especially 60s shift dresses, slips (I’m obsessed with fill slips! Why did people ever give these up? They feel so lovely and feminine underneath my clothes.)
    Kiss: skinny jeans (used to be “marry” but my current aesthetic finds me more likely in a dress or skirt)
    Bury: anything purchased from Forever 21, stilettos/uncomfortable shoes

    I’m going to continue to ponder this prompt; it’s a clever approach that will help me whittle my wardrobe even more. Thank you!

  7. I’d marry the nude pantyhose, lol. And colored jeans. And silken shirtwaist blouses, worn outside a skirt or pant.

    I kiss wild and wack-a-doodle prints … some of which end up being “marry” garments because the print is such a “speaking” print I can only wear them once or twice a year. (Remember the chapter in “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,” in which she had to prove to her schoolmates that she owned more than one dress? Her mother made the same pattern, in the same fabric, over and over — because it was cheaper.)

    I have already buried shorts, mini-skirts, and anything sleeveless or with very short sleeves. Tube-tops were dead to me after my first experience of them in the mid 1970s. (Not so for some of my 80+-year-old neighbors, to this day. They are wearing the same tube-tops, the ones from the 1970s. More power to them! but this look was never right for me.)

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