How To Dress For Pre-Autumn (Endless Summer)

I do like living in Florida. The traffic is easy, no snow to shovel, and the ocean is in my backyard. Never mind our miserable Governor or bugs as big as cats. It’s mostly wonderful. It doesn’t hold a candle to my ultimate destination – NYC – but I’m blooming where I’m planted.

I miss the changing seasons. I lived in the Northeast till my early 30’s, and I always got a thrill from those first cool days. Taking the sweaters out of mothballs and wearing boots and gloves. It’s still the look I love most, of all the seasons.

The temperatures are still in the mid 80’s here, but I’m giving the side-eye to my summer clothes. It’s been since April, after all. They’re tired.

So I challenged the heat with a long skirt that can transition to cooler days. The traditional hippie/boho skirt (similar) was thrifted for a dollar, and takes me back to my late teen years, before electricity. The knit linen top (sim) was purchased new from Banana Republic, and I advise: size down on tees at BR. This one is oversized and gets bigger when I wash it! Fab octopus pendant is a gift from Sheila.



The “swimming sandals” were donated right after I saw this picture. Nothing to see there, folks, move right along.


Some options for later: blazers and cardigans up top:


PicMonkey Collagecc

Hope you can see my kitty Skinny G on the lower right. She’s on the Best Rug In The World.


And booties and tights underneath:

Stay fabulous,




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  1. I would miss the change of seasons if I lived in Florida, as much as I would not miss the snow – I enjoy getting out my boots, sweaters and jackets. I think you made the right decision on the sandals ๐Ÿ™‚

    Skinny G’s belly is just crying out for a tickle!

    • She wants a tickle! You’re right about our climates – there’s something for everyone. xo

  2. Even though I don’t love some of the “seasons” where I live, I must admit that I enjoy switching out my wardrobe every few months. This skirt is so lovely on you – I love the colors and the boho vibe!

  3. Love this skirt! You are like me, you see something in a photo and then decide,”Ummm…what was I thinking?”

    They look very British Columbia to me. Meaning casual and comfortable.

    I think boho suits you to a tee.

    We had the most spectacular fall day here today. Cool enough for a jacket and boots but with warm sun and no breeze. Most of the leaves have already fallen off the trees but the light at this time of year reflected on the fallen leaves is like golden honey. That and the scent. Nothing smells like fall. I’d package some up and send it to you lady if I could figure out how.


    • oh man, we need a day like you had today! I have had many “what was I thinking” moments while blogging. Most of them don’t make it through, but we’re getting bolder, right? xox

  4. I wouldn’t manage in the Florida heat at all! You look fabulous in your hippy-dippy colourful skirt (I remember a tiered gypsy skirt made from cheesecloth which was a particular favourite of mine around 1976-7!) And Skinny G’s furry belly is just crying out for a tickle! xxx

    • She would love a tickle – any kind of attention and she purrs like a motorboat. Thanks for remembering these tiered “gypsy” skirts. xox

  5. “Late teen years, before electricity.” Hahaha! You crack me up.
    I love your skirt. Flowy beauty there. Your concept of cooler temperatures is wonderful. Conceptually, I like season changes; physically, I dislike being cold.

    • Move here! We’ll find you a cozy spot on the beach and you’ll never be cold again, except for that one day in January. xox

  6. Skinny G – how I love you! That skirt is fabulous on you. I’d love a Winter that involved temperatures hotter than our pathetic summer. I could happily live in a land that didn’t need boots and gloves and log fires! xxx

    • Ah we all want to switch our climates around – there’s no place like home though, yes? Thanks for loving Skinny G, she is a sweetie girl. xox

  7. That is a beautiful skirt and just perfect for an endless summer climate. I get it. I’m a Northern girl who has been held hostage in Southern California for 15 years! Maybe I’ve lived here too long but I love your sandals. I really do. Hippie chic at its best.

    • We are climate sisters, Connie! You understand how we crave a nice warm scarf right about now. xo

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