Five Style Icons, In Spring Looks I Love

Five style icons in Spring looks I love. I am not shopping now, except for rice, beans, and alcohol (both kinds). Like most of us I am browsing fashion blogs, putting things in my cart and leaving them there, and eyeballing the Spring styles in the iCloud. What I am wearing most days would not get me a photo shoot in Reader’s Digest, unless “normcore” makes a revival. 😊

In my browsing hours, I’ve come across past and current style icons dressed beautifully for Spring. It’s heartening to look forward to a day of putting on real clothes again. And more important, a day with no “new virus cases” on the charts and people safely back to work/play. I hope you’ll get a lift out of these selections, and tell me about your own Spring role models.

Lauren Bacall. Elegant, simple and polished style, with every hair in place. That does not resemble me at all, but I would love to borrow this jumpsuit from the 1940’s (similar, modern). I think I need those espadrilles too.

So cool. Source.

Jane Birkin. One of the original Boho icons in the 1960’s, always effortless and looking so, so French. Her outfits translate directly to today, because of their classic casual simplicity. It doesn’t hurt that she was long and lean, and has wonderful hair.

Today I’d wear the wide leg jeans slightly cropped and the darling knit dress a few inches longer. That fab basket purse would follow me around all Summer. Source.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Always modern, a bit of edge, and so in tune with how she wants to present herself. She’s a new style icon who makes bold, personal choices.

I would wear this today, if I had anywhere to go. Love, love the white drop-hem jeans and the pale pink blazer. Source.

Helen Mirren. I know she’s on everyone’s list for gorgeous over 50! I can’t resist including her because she knows her style, and rocks it every time.

I love that she’s ready to make her mark at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. And the deep blue Spring dress is flattering for most any body. Belt it to show off your waist if you choose, and run around barefoot. Source.

Iris Apfel (and Karlie Kloss). Iris is 90+ and Karlie is in her early 20’s, and they both look terrific. I love how Iris makes any look her own with signature touches: polka dot socks, and oversized collar bow, and of course those glasses. Karlie is simply lovely in her Spring white fit-and-flare dress and platform sandals.

An eye-catching duo. Source.

Who are your style icons for Spring/Summer? Are you ready to shop again for your own Spring looks? Our thrift stores are open for limited hours and limited occupancy. I’ll be shopping safely.

Soon we will be dressing for Spring, and leaving our sweatpants behind! Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these Spring treats:

Header image via source.

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  1. All of these women are on my style icon list. And yes, I would love to wear any of these outfits. My favourite thing, though, is the outfit Becall is wearing in your opening photo, those huuuuge sleeves. Wow. I hear you, Patti. I need an occasion!

  2. I’m drooling over that jumpsuit on Lauren Bacall. How are things going down in Florida? We sold our house down there end of April and came up north to our apartment near Boston. Won’t be back down till winter.

    Things were just about to open up in Fl before we left. Hope everything goes smoothly and there is no major spike.
    Stay safe!

    • Hi Theresa and thanks for coming over! Florida is beautiful in May, but we are still sheltering-at-home (with the windows open : >). Boston is so great – I hope you have a happy time there, and stay well. xo

  3. I love Lauren Bacall’s jumpsuit – I would wear that in a minute! I want to get back to work so I can start wearing real clothes again. I’m grateful that I can work from home, but my daily outfits are based on comfort and not style

    • I get you, Shelley. My hygiene is still excellent but my style is blahhhhhh. You would look terrific in that jumpsuit! xo.

  4. I am an Aubrey Hepburn fan when it comes to style. Love the ones you have chosen too. I cannot wait to get back to my “regular” work clothes, for the summer are knit skirts or summer fun print shifts.

    • Yes, Audrey never had a bad look! A summer print dress sounds wonderful right now. Stay fab, xo.

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