Fabulous Friday: Feminist Readings

Fashion blogging and the business of fashion and feminism can all overlap. A self-identified feminist can still love style and beauty. And it’s worthwhile to get perspectives from other women on these issues: so here is a round-up of fabulous feminist reading, via some unexpected sources. Please take what makes sense for you and leave the rest, and let us know in the comments if you’ve found a great forward-thinking style blog.


A revealing, but disappointing, read about how Modcloth is moving away from its core philosophy of pretty clothing for all sizes.  Bigger models are not as “aspirational,” says the new CEO.

feminist clothing

Ten years of style blogging has brought a lot of lessons to gorgeous mid-life blogger Susan.

Feminist Susan

“Why isn’t the older woman represented in this group? Where is the truly average woman?  Where is the woman with thinning hair or alopecia?  Where is the cellulite?.” A good read by blogger Atypical 60.


“Women come in all shapes and sizes, and pressuring all of them to conform to whatever shape society deems ideal is unrealistic and unhealthy.” Blogger Shells In Shoes gives her views on dressing to “flatter your shape.”

femininst shells in shoes

Not about style per se, but here’s an engaging article about how one woman views her life after 40. “I made decisions based on what I needed and didn’t worry about the judgment of others.”

feminist facing 40

Author Ginger Stickney


“Why are there so few women at the helm of major high fashion brands?” This article tackles the subject:

feminist clothing designers

Stella McCartney


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  1. Some interesting reading here – thanks Patti! It is unfortunate that the only place you see real, untouched women modeling clothing is on our blogs, which is why it’s so important to keep putting outselves out there.

  2. Disappointing about Modcloth. Recently purchased by Walmart so not surprising. The family does need to stay on top of Forbes list – certainly not their employees. Thank you, Miss Patti.

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