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I’ve read lots of fashion and style books over the last five years. I have a wee hobby of collecting what I view as style wisdom, from designers and other fashion insiders. I get a lot of great style quotes from my fellow bloggers too at Vogoff Magazine.

Here are some quotes that have been helpful to me in my style evolution. The common themes among these are simplicity and listening to one’s own voice:

“Style rises above fashion. It takes ideas and suggestions from fashion without swallowing them whole. There isn’t a stylish man or woman who would radically alter their way of dressing for the sake of fashion.”Giorgio Armani. I love this – if we just chase what’s “in fashion” we will lose the opportunity to be our own “stylish woman.”



From Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2016 collection. I’d mix this gorgeous jacket with a longer full skirt (if Armani were in my price range).


“The longer you live, the simpler you become.”Zoran. Well, I don’t think he meant simple in our minds (right?). But I do know my wardrobe choices are simpler now, I know my tastes and favorite brands. We all still like to experiment, but at 60, I play more with a new lipstick or shoes than with a dramatically different look.

“I would advise a woman to buy anything simple and let her elaboration begin.”Geoffery Beene. Ah, the elaboration! If you haven’t taken Sylvia’s course about accessorizing, please consider doing it. The “elaboration” can make a world of difference.



A minimalist G. Beene vintage jacket.


“Now I prefer to have only a few things, but good ones . . . . I look for a basic range of colors and the very best in fabrics.”Ines de la Fressange. I am getting pickier about my fabrics, and prefer cotton, linen, light wools to synthetics. Not completely – because faux-silk underwear is delightful and washable  : >

“A fashion victim is dressed in designer clothes from top to bottom . . . . If a woman is comfortable, she looks great. The clothes become hers.”  – Donna Karan. Mix it up, your way.



Comfort and color from Donna Karan.


“I want to see people who buy my things using them in their own way to express their own personalities. A successful outfit is one that gives you pleasure, and that you don’t get tired of.”  – Agnes B. Love that last part – you don’t get tired of the great outfits. You may tweak them, but the core is still a big success.



Great looks from Agnes B.’s Fall 2014 show.


“The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. ” –Timbuk3. Well, summer is coming.


Stay fabulous,


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  1. such a nice bunch of fashion advices, love them, and love those pics that you’ve picked to illustrate them!,
    I’m also loving that last quote, yes,”The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”, really great & wise words!

  2. Oh man, I adore the shape of the vintage G. Beene jacket. I would love one of those in black, red, and grey. The Donna Karan outfit is also lovely. I keep trying to purchase fewer items, but better quality and interesting shapes that I will wear often. It’s a process…

  3. I too follow VOGOFF for all my fashion advice. Bwahaha. I love that last quote: “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.” True words to live by.

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