The Best Dressed Over-50 Women At The Oscars

I don’t watch the whole of the Academy Awards presentations – too many commercials and bad jokes. But I always watch the red carpet, to scope out what the older women, especially, are wearing. The 20-somethings often steal the Oscars show with body-hugging gowns and lots of skin. I enjoy seeing women closer to my age who look glamorous and graceful.

It seems my eye went to the long, sheath dress this year. Here are my five favorites:

Helen Mirren. Of course. She’s always magnificent, and this year is my favorite look – a long shapely column in deep blue, with (real) sapphires and diamonds at the neckline (kind of similar). So simple, self-assured and stunning. Loving this sleek hairstyle too.


 Laura Dern. Yes she’s about six feet tall and willowy, and has great taste, so there is that. This year I think she hit a home run with an icy-white column dress with a slight mermaid hem (a bit similar). The front vee is sexy without being all “look at these!” I’m usually not a huge fan of one-shoulder styles but I love this one.

Allison Janney is one of my favorites on the red carpet and on the screen. Her tongue-in-cheek acceptance speech for best supporting actor was brilliant: “I did it all myself.” Love to see her in this vibrant red column gown with fly-away sleeves and minimal (though valuable!) jewelry.

Viola Davis is gorgeous, and I need to get this amazing hairstyle. She chose hot deep pink for her figure-flattering, glittering column gown. That purse and those earrings are posh finishing pieces.

Eva Marie Saint said she’s “older than the Oscars” (she’s 93) and she looks chic and poised in this black gown. The full sleeves, with a pearl bracelet to show them off, are so smart. Love her radiant smile, and please, whoever’s in charge, let me be this vibrant and alive at 90!


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  1. All of these women look amazing in these dresses! I couldn’t even pick a fav if I wanted too. I love them all.

  2. You do look much like Helen Mirren in your ombré dress! She is gorgeous and carries herself with such grace. I also love Laura Dern’s white dress for the very same reasons you do. It’s beautiful and it’s relatively modest.
    And yes please, oh please, let’s all look and feel that fabulous as Eva Marie Saint.
    I also watch this award show with the fast forward in my hand !!

    • Agreed. Love Meryl’s simple, elegant dress and hair. And her mad skills, of course. xo

  3. Rita Moreno looked stunning – and don’t you love that she re-wore her dress from all those years ago?
    Alison Janney’s look was by far my favourite dress of the night.

  4. Lovely! Although I would need some serious undergarments to end up with that long, smooth, curvy body shape. 🙂

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