Aging Beautifully: Bernadette Peters

The voice, those curls – she’s been one of my favorite performers since I first discovered her in The Jerk. Bernadette Peters played the naive, charming Marie to Steve Martin’s Navin in the 1979 movie. They were a real life couple for four years, too.

She went on to star in lots more movies, then moved to the Broadway
stage, where she has won two Tony awards. Her voice is incredible. Ms. Peters has also starred in several TV series, and recorded albums, and performed solo shows. She’s a huge talent in a 5’3′ frame.

In concert in Sydney in 2014

And she’s 67, if you can believe it. I’m sure she’s had some procedures done, as have 90% of Hollywood stars, but she’s maintained a gorgeous, natural look. And has kept her signature long curls.

Here’s a slide show of her beauty evolution through the years:

Gorgeous in her 60’s, and bright red really suits her, yes?


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Stay fabulous,

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