Good News Friday, Gratitude Time

Good news is always welcome! I rarely turn on the television news lately, not because it’s all so negative, but because I want to see anything other than a politician’s face. You lovely readers outside the US, I hope your political campaigns are short and efficient. Ours seem to go on in perpetuity.

Changing directions to the brighter side, here is my Friday round-up of all things bright and beautiful:

1. A super-store in Manchester, England has instituted a “Quiet Hour” every Saturday to help its autistic and other special needs customers shop in a quiet environment. The manager said, “I suffered for many years with anxiety. I used to absolutely hate going into busy stores. There are a lot of people out there who have mental health issues.”  Bravo for this, and let’s make it many more hours, in many more stores.


2. I spent Thursday afternoon re-watching Vinyl at my friend Bryan’s house, with his two old dogs at our feet. I’ve known Bryan for 17 years, and he just retired as manager of the Thrift Shop where I volunteer. We sipped wine spritzers (they are still a thing if you just believe) and covered all the celebrity goings-on. It’s heaven.


3. The Night Manager is on Episode Two. Starring Tom Hiddleston – my future husband if God forbid Sandy gets sucked off the face of the earth by a rogue comet – Hugh Laurie, and the fabulous Olivia Colman. I am so hooked.


Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine, Tom Hollander as Major Corkoran, Elizabeth Debicki as Jed Marshall, Olivia Colman as Angela Burr, and Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper - The Night Manager _ Season 1, Gallery - Photo Credit: Mitch Jenkins/The Ink Factory/AMC Itís the first TV adaptation of a le CarrÈ novel in more than 20 years and the first adaptation of The Night Manager. The novel, originally released in 1993, has been updated as an contemporary interpretation ñ the original novel is based predominantly in South America and Mexico - and sees Roper selling weapons to the Colombian drug cartels. The story has been updated so that it is set in the modern day Middle East ñ it is very current with the first episode opening with the Arab Spring in Cairo. Olivia Colmanís character, Angela Burr, was written as a man in the novel (Leonard Burr) but the decision was made to make the character female to modernise the story. Olivia was also pregnant when she got the part, so they incorporated this into the story too. Susanne Bier (director): ìWe had decided that Burr should be played by a woman, rather than a man as in the book, because we thought there was an exciting chemistry between a woman and a man engaging in the power struggle that Roper and Burr have.î Hugh Laurie has been trying to get the adaptation made for many years, having read the novel when he was young ñ he tried to get the rights but they were owned by Sydney Pollock who originally tried to make the novel into a film. Hugh Laurie (plays Roper): ìI fell in love with this book when I first read it back in 1993. Iíd worshipped le CarrÈ since I was a teenager, but this story, in particular, I found endlessly intriguing, powerful and romantic, mythic almost.î


4. I discovered this fashion site, with ultra-minimalist and some truly out-there designs. It’s crazy out of my price zone too, but  inspirational. A little outre (I’m seeing Tilda Swinton) but I love the sleek lines, and folds, and funky shoes.





5. My cat Stinky bit my hair to wake me up today. She does it every day, actually. I love it because it means she’s still here (age 14) and wants me to get up. That’s hunger love.



She’s all eyes, this one.


Stay fabulous,


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Some of my picks that have a cool minimalist vibe, but don’t cost a mortgage payment : >

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  1. Looking in here and discovering Stinky – but why such a name for such a beautiful black girl? My Renzo is also black and we celebrated his 20th birthday in March. He is half-Siamese so he simply has to yowl to wake me up.

    • Her name was Schtinky, after a cute kitten in a comic strip! But it morphed over the years. She is my baby. Renzo likes to sing in the morning : >

  2. Not only does Tom Hiddleston look good he is also an excellent actor. I’ve seen him as a fantastic Prince Hal and recently in the film, ‘Highrise.’ The Night Manager was great, with a fantastic cast and great settings and a brilliant ending – now I want to read the book!

    • I want to read the book too! And Mr. Hiddleston was brilliant also as a dissipated vampire in “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

  3. Having a quiet hour in a supermarket is a brilliant idea. The supermarkets in the UK are so much more crowded than what I’m used to – when I first moved there years ago, I always got extremely tense in them, although I’ve never had anxiety problems otherwise. There are just soooo many people packed into a small country, it takes some getting used to.

    My stepdaughter also mentioned The Night Manager – I hope I can catch up on it after we move. We’re binge watching Episodes right now with library DVDs. So funny!

  4. I love your gratitude. My sweetie & I do gratitude every night before bed & I’ve found it really helps my outlook on life & I sleep better. It’s too easy to focus on the negative.

  5. Ha ha! That’d freak me out if someone bit my hair to wake me up. I guess you’re accustomed to the ritual after 14 years. Do you make Sandy bite your hair when you are away on vacation just so you can start the day with your regular routine? Ha ha!

    My husband and I are obsessing about the fashion porn on Vinyl. Robert bought a vintage leather jacket similar to Richie’s and I picked up a couple of 70’s pieces thrifting this week. Funny thing because I never thought I’d like to revisit 70’s fashion. Silly me.


    • Oh yeah, Devon’s wardrobe is so 70’s fabulous. I can see you wearing those outfits with panache. xox

  6. The quiet hour is interesting but I’m not sure how it would work. What if you can’t shop then? Does it mean no kids allowed? Wouldn’t want to punish families (nobody takes their kids to the store for fun; it’s expensive to get a sitter). At the same time, I understand that not everybody wants to just order from online. My mom hated when other people did her shopping for her when she had difficulty getting out. She wanted to pick out her stuff herself.

    • Yes, there’s likely lots of kinks to work out but it’s a step. I think the hours are *mainly* the usual noisy ones : >

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