Would Ya? Socks With Open Toe Shoes? And Vis Monday Reminder

Would ya? Wear socks or hose with open toe shoes? No judgments here – I say wear what you love and party forward. Just wondering what you think of the look, and would ya?

I have worn thick hose with peep-toe shoes, that’s an easy one. I haven’t worn true (shorter) socks with true sandals. But it’s a fun and funky look I might try. My lifestyle is casual and working at a thrift store, I’m not expected to look like a Kardashian (yay). I don’t think I’d choose hose with open toe shoes for evening or formal wear.

I have heard spirited opinions on both sides of the covered-toe issue. The socks and open-toe-shoes looks below are from an article at WhoWhatWear. Thumbs up or down for your own style?



I like this whole look, but I’d prefer patterned tights to these socks.



This looks adorable to me; the socks fit well and add a second pattern.



I think this is super cute (don’t love the plaid shirt, and my platforms would be lower). Casual and cool.



This one is a no for me, although she looks delightful. Those sandals are just too sandal-y to pair with socks, imho.


And it’s time for another Visible Monday.

Visible Monday, one of the oldest style link-ups on the nets, is back and better than ever. All ages, all genders are welcome to post an outfit, accessory, lipstick color, hairstyle, etc., that expresses our Joy of Being Visible. Please join the fun!

There may be black bean soup.

The party starts Sunday (tomorrow) at around 5PM. Be there for the best blogger party and the finest style on the webz!



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  1. Love all but the last one, I wear socks all the time, have given up on pantyhose and knee highs. I love the longevity of socks and plan for them in my outfit setups. Thanks for the post, great looks.

  2. You should definitely try this Patti. I really like this look. In fact, I do it all the time. When I worked in sales at Nordstrom back in my youth I was actually sent to the hosiery dept. to purchase some pantyhose because I was wearing ankle socks with sandals and the powers that be didn’t think that was stylish enough. But pantyhose with open toe sandals IS?? Needless to say, my career at Nordstrom was rather short-lived.

  3. I kept checking to see if Visible Monday was opened and it wasn’t. I got very worried. I imagined you in an ER somewhere. I told Beau about it this morning, saying I was so worried. He calmly said, “Charlotte, it’s because yesterday was Saturday.” Oh. Right. Silly me. I’m so relieved! : )

    • thank you for worrying about me, Charlotte! I am safe and sound, and look forward to your post at Vis Monday! xox

  4. I have worn tights or knee socks with an open-toed shoes, but they were more shoe than sandal. I don’t mind the first three looks, but a big NAY to the last one. I still cringe inwardly when I see a guy wearing socks with sandals.

    • me too – and you know it’s never Sandy! (At least as long as he’s been with me) xox

  5. I think to pull off this look your shoes and socks must be fabulous and your clothes must be fashion forward. It’s too easy to end up looking like you just don’t care.
    Having said, the look is not for me but I think the second photo is quite chic.

  6. I like the first 3. Forget the socks and sandal. I love Project Minima and she wears all types of socks with her different shoes.. I love your blog too! Since October I have been wearing theme socks with my shoes (pumpkins, candy corn, Christmas lights, Rudolph….). ps I live in Hawaii so…. sock and sandals are for tourist!

  7. The last one I agree. It’s sort of too old German tourist for me. But I would love to do the trend more often. The thing that stops me, in all honesty, is trying to find the right socks! It’s like I don’t have sock buying patience??? Maybe it’s freudianly stopping me doing something silly. I love the polka dots ones!! But then, that whole outfit is too awesome for words. I can’t wait to see your take on it!!

  8. Agree!
    The first would be better with tights, yes, yes,,,oh, not for me.
    Each woman is quirky and original and beautiful, BUT, me (in the last look) would look slightly unhinged.
    Over all though…i am inspired to wear more socks and sandals/Mary Janes…so thank you for that!

  9. I’m like you, I like all of them except the last one.

    I have tried to do a version of this look before and find that depending on the heel of the shoe my feet tend to slip with the socks on.


  10. Before this last year, I never would have worn socks, hose, or tights with open-toed shoes. I started thinking about how many open-toed shoes that I have and don’t wear for so many months of the year. Then I started thinking about some of my 1930’s and 1940’s fashion icons…they would never have been caught without stockings (and even socks sometimes) and wore open-toed and sling backs all of the time. So, I thought, “what the hell” and began wearing tights with open-toed shoes and love the looks so far. That doesn’t mean it works for all shoes and all socks/tights/stockings. (Because I can tell you…I am not digging some of those looks up there, and I’m sure some people thought I looked stupid with tights…to each her own. LOL!) Thanks for the fun fashion and thought provoking post all in one!

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